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Yinz Engaged? 5 Things You Should Consider for Your Pittsburgh Wedding

The Leader in Custom Engagement Rings Pittsburgh Breaks Down 5 Keys to the Perfect Pittsburgh Wedding

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
November 18, 2020

Your engagement has surely brought an excess of excitement into your life. From family members begging to see the engagement ring to congratulatory almond tortes arriving at your door, you’re quickly realizing how hectic an engagement can be.

Luckily, this isn’t our first rodeo—and we know what it takes to pull off the perfect Pittsburgh-style wedding. That’s why Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs—a leader in custom wedding and engagement rings in Pittsburgh—is here with 5 tips for executing the perfect wedding in the steel city. Whether you’re looking to pull off the perfect cookie table or want stunning wedding and engagement rings, Pittsburgh has everything you need for the perfect celebration of love.

Tip #1: Shop Small for Unique, Personalized Details

Local Booze, Favors, and Engagement Rings: Pittsburgh Offers it All 

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As a city built on sports, sweat, and steel, Pittsburgh knows what it means to work hard. That’s why shopping small is so important in Pittsburgh; time and time again we have come together as a city in support of something greater. Why not use your wedding as an opportunity to support small businesses?

Whether you’re looking for local booze, fun and inexpensive party favors, or stunning wedding bands and engagement rings, Pittsburgh businesses have plenty in store for your big day:

  • Pittsburgh Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings: If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry for your big day, shopping small is not only the perfect way to design your perfect piece, but it’s often cheaper than shopping with a large jewelry retailer. Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs offers Pittsburgh custom jewelry design and redesign, making it possible to craft your perfect engagement rings from start to finish or recreate the perfect family heirloom.
  • Local Beers and Spirits: Looking to loosen up your guests with something sweet for sipping? Instead of choosing top-shelf liquors, consider a bar featuring local booze and brews. PGH is full of wonderful local distilleries and breweries ready to treat your guests with some local flavors.
  • PGH-Inspired Treats & Eats: Whether you’re looking for the perfect party favor or a cocktail hour snack, Pittsburgh has plenty of small businesses ready to treat your guests to the flavors of the town. Consider Pittsburgh Popcorn Company or a local Pittsburgh bakery for something special to munch on during your wedding.
  • Pittsburgh Wedding Favors: Pittsburgh is jam-packed with artists and businesses ready to share their specialty goods with the world. Consider locally-made candles, candies, or artwork to delight your guests.

Tip #2: Make the City Part of Your Experience

Delight Out of Town Guests with the Pittsburgh Experience

wedding party on the duquesne incline

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There’s a reason so many people stay in the Steel City for their entire lives. There is truly nothing like the Pittsburgh experience. Sure—we tackle some insane tunnel traffic and only see the sun on a rare occasion, but the city always has something special to offer.

If your Pittsburgh wedding needs a touch of local flare, why not make the city part of your experience? Whether you want to hold a wedding reception in a Pittsburgh museum or use the incline to travel from your ceremony to reception, squeezing in a bit of Pittsburgh culture is a must-do on your wedding day.

Tip #3: Consider Travel Logistics

Consider Potential Roadblocks During Your Pittsburgh Wedding

Pittsburgh trolley for a wedding

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Travel logistics—like parking, travel time from ceremony to reception, and rush hour traffic—should be considered for any wedding. However, Pittsburgh’s traffic patterns are extremely variable, making it an important consideration for a day that goes over without a flaw.

If you want to be mindful of traffic and travel, consider these tips:

  • Avoid a reception that involves traveling through tunnel traffic, particularly at rush hour.
  • Are the Steelers, Pens, or Pirates playing? Keep in mind gameday congestion to avoid unnecessary holdups.
  • Want to get your guests to the reception area with some Pittsburgh pride? Consider a trolley for A-to-B transit.

Tips #4: Pulling Off the Perfect Cookie Table

The Pittsburgh Wedding Tradition Worth Perfecting

pittsburgh wedding cookie table

Almost as customary to a Pittsburgh wedding as the first dance or engagement rings, Pittsburgh has a tradition of the ‘cookie table.’ A cookie table is just as it sounds—a table full of delicious cookies, often baked by family members and supplemented by local bakeries. Guests are welcomed to try out an assortment of cookies and take home a bag of their favorites.

The origin of the Pittsburgh wedding cookie table is unclear, but one thing remains constant: it’s a must-have for your big day in the Steel City.

To execute the perfect cookie table, you’ll need the following:

  • Plan for anywhere from 6-18 cookies per guest to take home (and a few for snacking along the way)
  • In addition to traditional family recipes, consider adding additional supplements that include options for people with dietary restrictions.
  • Have cookie cards ready for all of your guests that can write the cookie name and note whether or not the cookie contains common allergens
  • Include small boxes or bags for your guests to put cookies in and take home
  • Out of town guests? Consider adding a sign that explains the tradition and welcomes them to the table.

Tip #5: Find the Perfect Place for Photos

Top off Your Pittsburgh Wedding with Beautiful Engagement and Wedding Photos

couple kissing at Pennsylvanian apartments in Pittsburgh

What’s a Pittsburgh wedding without some engagement and wedding photos at some beautiful locations? If you want to showcase your fiance and new engagement ring, Pittsburgh has great locations for every photo. Check out some of our favorites:

No matter the budget or theme, your Pittsburgh wedding is sure to be a stunning and memorable day. Still looking for the perfect wedding band or engagement ring? Pittsburgh jewelry designer Lisa Marie Kotchey is here to help. Get in touch today to start designing the perfect jewelry for your big day.

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