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How to Pull Off the Perfect Proposal in Pittsburgh

Overwhelmed From Looking at Engagement Rings? Pittsburgh Jeweler Lisa Kotchey Offers Tips on Planning the Perfect Proposal

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
September 4, 2020

Planning a proposal is probably one of the most exciting — and nervewracking — things you will ever pull off in your life. You want everything to go perfectly so you can create a memory that both you and your partner will cherish forever. But how will you pull it off? With flowers and a bottle of champagne? At the top of Mt. Washington? Or would your partner prefer something more intimate and private?

Once you finish sorting through engagement rings, Pittsburgh jeweler Lisa Kotchey is here to give you tips on throwing an unforgettable proposal. 

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Engagement Rings

Engagement rings in Pittsburgh are a dime a dozen, consider designing one yourself

Wedding ring of Lisa Marie Kotchey Design

Customizing your own personal engagement ring gives you the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that truly reflects you and your partner’s unique tastes. Instead of spending hours at store after store hunting down the perfect ring, you can find inspiration for your own unique ring and work with a custom jeweler in Pittsburgh to make one that accurately matches your vision. 

Tips for Customizing Your Engagement Ring

Designing an engagement ring from scratch can be challenging. That’s why most people use images from Pinterest or other websites to serve as inspiration. Using other engagement rings as a basis for your own ring can make it easier to design one that perfectly matches your vision. Take these gorgeous designs for example.

Bold and Flashy

bold and flashy engagement ring

Does your partner have a bold and flashy fashion taste? Go for a thick band lined with an eye-catching diamond in the center. 


classic engagement ring

This classic engagement ring places the focus on the stunning diamond featured in the center. 

Delicate and Understated

delicate engagement ring

If your partner prefers something delicate and simple, they will love this design.

As you design your ring, you will need to take several factors into consideration, such as its:

  • Metalsilver, platinum, gold, titanium, palladium, and recycled materials are popular materials that make up the band of the ring
  • Stone — most people choose a diamond for their stone 
  • Cut — once you choose the stone, you need to determine what type of cut you want, such as round, princess, oval, pear, heart, or emerald
  • Setting — the mounting of the stone can greatly impact its overall appearance, most people use a prong setting

If you aren’t sure whether you should go with a silver or gold metal or a princess or oval cut, you can consult with your jeweler to determine which option will help you achieve your desired look. While you design an engagement ring, you can also design your wedding bands. This will ensure that both rings seamlessly complement each other while also saving time and money.

Step 2: Decide Whether or Not You Want to Ask for the Parent’s Blessing

Some people follow traditions while others couldn’t care less about them

engagement ring

Traditionally, men would ask their partner’s parents for permission to propose. But times have changed and that practice is not always followed. If you know your partner would appreciate you talking with her family about the proposal, then go ahead and reach out to them. However, if you know that they aren’t traditional and think this practice is outdated and unnecessary, you can respect their wishes and skip this step. 

Step 3: Figure Out Where and How You Will Pop the Question

Need inspiration for pulling off the perfect proposal? Check out these ideas!

man proposing to happy girlfriend

Once you have secured the ring and received the parents’ blessing, it’s time to schedule the actual proposal. You will want to think about the timing and location of the proposal. Do you want to wait until dinner to propose? Or start the day off with a surprise proposal? 

When thinking of different proposal spots, try to find a meaningful location to pop the big question. Places like your first date location or their favorite place to unwind and relax are perfect proposal spots. 

Consider When You Want to Propose

The timing of your proposal will probably depend on your partner’s personal preferences. If your girlfriend enjoys an exciting night out on the town, consider taking her to a nice dinner where you can pop the big question. If she prefers low-key hangouts at home, you can take her for an afternoon stroll where you can finally as the question. 

Gorgeous Locations in Pittsburgh to Propose

The location of your proposal will also vary depending on your partner’s preferences. If they are a private person, they probably won’t enjoy a public proposal at PNC Park. But if they enjoy a more extravagant proposal, they probably won’t mind the crowded surrounding of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Check out these gorgeous locations in Pittsburgh perfect for popping the big question:

Proposing to the love of your life is a special milestone in your life that you will cherish forever. Make sure you are ready for it by following these tips. Ready to design a ring that will be unique from the rest of the engagement rings in Pittsburgh? Contact Lisa Kotchey today to get started.