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Handmade vs. Cast Jewelry: Which is Right For Me?

Pittsburgh Jewelry Expert Lisa Marie Kotchey Shares Jewelry-Making Insights

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
March 6, 2021

Whether you're in the market for an engagement ring, a birthday present, or a thoughtful gift, buying jewelry for your partner can seem overwhelming due to the variety of choices. However, it isn't as complicated as you may think because jewelry can be broken down into two categories: handmade and cast. As experts in Pittsburgh jewelry, we've created this guide to help simplify the process of choosing between handmade and cast jewelry so you can spend less time deciding what to pick.

Handmade Jewelry: The Benefits

Customize Your Jewelry With Full Control with a Leading Pittsburgh Jewelry Maker

closeup of ring handcrafted by Lisa Marie Kotchey with a dark background

When working with a jeweler to create a custom piece of jewelry, you have complete control over the piece's design and layout. This will send a more personal, heartfelt message to your partner. Not only will the piece feel more intimate, but it is also significantly stronger than jewelry cast in a factory due to being created by hand. Additionally, you are cutting out the middleman in the production process, which saves time and money. Between the strength, quality, and cost-reduction, you can't go wrong with handmade jewelry.

Possible Issues with Handmade Jewelry

Learn About the Small Downsides to Handmade Jewelry

custom gold necklace made by Lisa Marie Kotchey

When it comes to handmade jewelry, there is only one minimal downside. Unlike cast rings, you won't be able to view a 3D rendered design of your jewelry before production. This is because your custom jeweler makes their pieces by hand, not by creating cookie-cutter jewelry in a factory. However, your jeweler should provide you with detailed sketches of the ring before production starts, so this isn't a big problem. Additionally, you are able to create a personal connection with your jeweler, meaning that you can always communicate any questions or concerns you may have with them during the process.

Cast Jewelry: The Benefits

Have a Busy Schedule? In Pittsburgh, Jewelry is Easy to Choose, Order, and Pick Up

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In simple terms, cast jewelry is made in a factory by placing molten metal into a mold to create the jewelry base. This type of jewelry is convenient because you don't have to be as involved in the design or production process. Buying cast jewelry is simple—pick out the desired design, then don't worry about it until it's time to pick it up. For those who are overwhelmed with work or children, you can have a beautiful piece of jewelry with the press of a few buttons.

Possible Issues of Cast Jewelry

Understand the Downsides Before Buying Cast Jewelry from a Pittsburgh Jeweler

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A common complaint about cast jewelry is the time it takes between picking out the product and receiving it. Because the corporation creating it isn't a jack of all trades, it has to be shipped to different facilities for each step. In addition to the lengthy timeline, this jewelry typically isn't as strong or high-quality due to being created in a factory with thousands of other rings. While these are typically the less involved option, it's also important to understand the cons of going this route.

Understanding the pros and cons of different jewelry-making methods is incredibly important due to the investment that you're making. With an array of different prices, styles, and processes, your favorite piece of jewelry is waiting for you. Interested in custom Pittsburgh jewelry and ready to start the design process? Contact Lisa Marie Kotchey today for a free quote on a piece of jewelry catered specifically to your tastes.