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5 Reasons to Shop Small for Custom Jewelry

Looking to buy custom jewelry? Pittsburgh Jeweler Breaks Down Why Shopping Small is the Best Option

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
September 25, 2020

Current events have made many people realize that they need to start supporting small, local businesses as much as they can—but what are all the benefits? When you buy custom jewelry, Pittsburgh is bringing back money into their economy that can be dispersed elsewhere now. You’re also helping someone better their craft and grow their business, further developing your community. There are a multitude of reasons why you should be buying small and custom jewelry, and that’s why we made this list to show the benefits.

Shopping Small for Custom Jewelry = Pittsburgh Economic Growth

Spending money at a small business helps them keep the lights on, unlike corporations

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Corporations will almost always bounce back from just about anything thrown at them, however it is a lot harder for smaller businesses to do the same. When you buy from local places, you’re helping them to keep their doors open and expand. Here at Lisa Marie Kotchey, LLC, we are a small, locally owned business that specializes in custom jewelry, heirloom redesigns, and repairs. We are dedicated to serving the Pittsburgh community, as everyone in the community is our neighbor. Instead of going to your regular corporations for products you need, stop by a small business in your neighborhood for high-quality goods and services while helping out a neighbor.

Custom Made Jewelry Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Finding Less Expensive Custom Jewelry

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Many people think of custom jewelry being expensive, but in actuality, it’s far from expensive if you look in the right places. At Lisa Marie Kotchey, LLC, we are the manufacturer of the jewelry, meaning that we are far from the traditional retail jewelry purchase. Typically, a retailer will commission a manufacturer to create the piece of custom jewelry, then double or triple the price of the product to create a profit. However, when ordering from us, there is no middleman involved, meaning that there is no need for us to double or triple the price. Custom jewelry isn’t expensive when you go straight to the manufacturer!

A More Hands-On Jewelry Design Experience

Looking for Custom Jewelry? Pittsburgh Jewelers Can Help You Create the Perfect Piece

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It’s incredibly frustrating when you spend so much money on something that doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to because of lack of communication. When you purchase a custom jewelry piece from a small business, you’re able to actually communicate with the person creating your piece. You’re able to see progress photos and talk about any issues you may have with the current design of the jewelry, which overall will leave you more satisfied and with a better product at the end of the day. There’s no longer a need for sending your ideas into a corporate form and getting a piece of jewelry a few weeks later with no communication in between when local jewelers can talk you through the entire process.

Buying higher quality, handmade items

You’re getting skillfully made goods that weren’t made in a factory

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Not only are the pieces you receive not created within a factory setting, but they will also have a lot more sentimental value because they’re custom and made by hand. It’s a well known fact that factory made jewelry can never beat custom, handmade pieces from ideas that you create. When it comes to custom jewelry, Pittsburgh has many skilled jewelers who put their all into their craft and create great pieces that you or any loved one will be able to enjoy for years to come. Shopping local when it comes to jewelry is a great present and helps your community in the process.

You’re putting money back into your own community

When you buy locally made custom jewelry, Pittsburgh benefits as a whole

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When you shop local, you’re not only helping the business owner, but the community as a whole. Studies show that small businesses actually give back to their community 250% more than larger corporations do, meaning that giving your business to a company can recycle itself back into the community. Supporting local businesses keeps the money flowing within your community, supports your neighbors, and is likely to be given back.

Overall, the benefits of shopping for custom, small owned jewelry far outweigh the negatives. You’re able to get high quality, handmade pieces created by members of your community while also cutting down on corporation carbon emissions and giving back to the community. With a few changes in your habits, you can disperse your wealth in your community instead of it going to a corporation. Contact Lisa Marie Kotchey, LLC to get started on a custom piece of jewelry for you or a loved one.