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Your Guide to Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

We’ve got advice for finding your perfect traditional anniversary gift from a local jeweler in Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
October 14, 2021

Anniversary gifts are a sign of commitment, dedication and true love. But, did you know that each anniversary has a designated type of gift to give that represents how many years you’ve been together?

Though many people are already aware of this tradition, the meaning of each gift can still get confusing. Luckily, we’re breaking down each anniversary gift by year. So, if you’re stumped on what to get for your upcoming anniversary, keep reading to find out what your local jeweler in Pittsburgh recommends. Let’s get started!

1 Year Anniversary Gifts: Paper & Gold

Find out what a jeweler in Pittsburgh suggests you gift for your first anniversary

gold cufflinks with tie in the background
Gold cufflinks are an excellent idea for a first anniversary gift.

For your first wedding anniversary, the traditional gift theme is paper. Like all of the traditional anniversary gifts, this is open to interpretation. For example, your spouse's favorite book or a handwritten love letter reflecting on your first year as a married couple both make excellent paper themed gifts. The idea of a paper gift stems from the belief that your first year of marriage is fragile. But, if you treat it right, it can last forever.

In terms of colors and gemstones, the first year’s theme is gold. Though it isn’t exactly a gemstone, it still makes a touching anniversary gift for your spouse. A jeweler in Pittsburgh can help you find the perfect golden accessory to help you celebrate with your partner.  

5 Year Anniversary Gifts: Wood & Sapphire

Celebrate your 5 year anniversary with a gift from a boutique jeweler in Pittsburgh

white gold sapphire earrings on navy silk
Sapphire earrings are timeless.

5 years of marriage looks a lot different than 1 year of marriage, which is why the tradition dictates that couples move from paper and gold to wood and sapphire. Wood represents the strength of a solid relationship. Your wooden gift could be anything from a custom commemorative carved wood piece to a tree planted in your spouse’s name. That way, you know your love will continue to grow just like the roots of a tree.

Pivoting to gemstones, the traditional gemstone on your 5th anniversary is sapphire. Sapphire maintains the same themes of strength and endurance — representing the strong bond you have as a married couple. If you are interested in a sapphire accessory for your husband or wife, get advice from a local jeweler in Pittsburgh to make sure you find the best anniversary gift possible.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts: Aluminum & Diamonds

A decade of true love is something worth celebrating

diamonds earrings anniversary gift breakfast food vacation
Show that your love is worth more than diamonds.

When you’ve been together for a decade, you know your spouse better than anyone else and your bond is only growing stronger. That’s why the traditional anniversary gifts for your 10 year anniversary are aluminum or tin — since they won’t rust under any conditions. 

The signature gemstone for your 10 year anniversary is a diamond. That’s right, what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of sparkle and shine. For the 10th anniversary, diamonds aren’t just for the ladies. Either spouse can receive a piece of diamond jewelry to commemorate a decade of marriage.

15 Year Anniversary Gifts: Crystal & Rubies

Give a gift that says, “Our relationship is strong 15 years on!”

ruby ring in velvet case on cream silk
Rubies represent the unending flame of love.

By giving the gift of crystal you are giving your spouse something beautiful, durable, and transparent — just like your marriage! According to tradition, 15 years of marriage shows that you and your spouse are even closer than ever. Gifts like crystal glasses are excellent for you and your spouse to toast to your enduring love. 

The gemstone that represents 15 years of marriage is the ruby. Rubies are not only gorgeous and strong gemstones, they represent feelings of love and passion in your enduring romance.

20 Year Anniversary Gifts: China & Emeralds

Make your 20th anniversary special with a traditional china or something emerald green

woman wearing emerald necklace with diamond accents
Celebrate your 20 year anniversary with china and emerald jewelry.

As you know, a 20 year marriage takes effort and care to stay intact. That’s why china is the traditional gift that represents two decades of matrimony. China reminds us that relationships can break easily, and that your 20 marriage is a rare and precious gift. 

For gemstones, the chosen gem for a 20 year anniversary is an emerald. The emerald represents enduring and preserved love. By gifting an emerald, you are showing your spouse that you’re ready to spend another incredible 20 years together.

25-Year Anniversary Gifts: Silver

Congratulations! It’s your silver anniversary!

older couple exchanging anniversary gifts
Surprise your spouse with the perfect gift for your 25th anniversary.

Celebrating a 25 year anniversary is proof of an incredibly strong bond. That's why a 25 year anniversary is often referred to as your silver anniversary. For this special occasion, both the traditional gift and commemorative gemstone are silver. While silver isn’t a gemstone, it is still a brilliant way to show your spouse that your love is shining as bright as ever. For your 25th, according to tradition, both spouses should give the gift of silver to show their enduring commitment to one another.

Buying jewelry for your spouse is a meaningful way to commemorate the special moments in your marriage. If you’re searching for an anniversary gift, Lisa Marie Kotchey — an expert jeweler in Pittsburgh — will assist you in finding the perfect match. Contact us today to get started searching for the most fitting piece of jewelry for the love of your life.