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Which Ring Setting Style is Right for You?

Learn about the different setting styles before working with a jeweler in Pittsburgh to choose the perfect ring

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
December 3, 2021

There are a lot of details that go into engagement and wedding rings that you may not have noticed before. Now that you’re seriously searching for the right engagement ring, you’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of styles and options! Luckily, Lisa Kotchey, a local jeweler in Pittsburgh, has a guide for the most common types of wedding ring settings.

What is a wedding ring setting, exactly? A wedding ring setting is the part of your ring that displays and secures the gem. Your decision on which type of setting will impact the overall look of your ring and the safety of the gemstones. Before you make your decision, let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles you can find at a jewler and what you should consider before selecting a setting style. 

How Will I Know Which Setting is Right for Me?

You can consult a jeweler in Pittsburgh to discuss which setting will work best for your lifestyle

couple searching for engagement ring in jewelry store
A jeweler in Pittsburgh can help you narrow down your choices.

Your setting will depend on a few different factors like the size of the stone, your lifestyle, and your personal taste. 

The size of the stone will determine which setting styles you can use. For example a larger stone may need a bit more security than smaller stones. Generally a larger stone will require a setting that completely surrounds the stone, as opposed to prong styles.

When it comes to choosing a style for your engagement or wedding ring, your lifestyle should also play a major factor. If you are very active or work with your hands, you will probably want a setting style that is extra secure. A chip or a missing stone is the last thing you want to happen to your engagement or wedding ring.

The last thing you should consider before visiting a jeweler in Pittsburgh is your personal taste. After reading through our list of common setting styles, there are likely a few that work well with your personal style. Keep in mind that we are only covering the most popular styles and you can work together with your jeweler to create a ring that perfectly fits you.

What are Some of the Most Common Settings?

Here are some of the most popular choices you’ll find at a local Jeweler in Pittsburgh

assorted engagement rings on display in store
With endless colors and styles to choose from, you have to do some research before making a decision.

There are an overwhelming number of setting styles to choose from. So, before you get overwhelmed in front of your jeweler in Pittsburgh, let’s explore some of the most common styles for wedding and engagement rings.


4 prong diamond ring
An example of a 4 prong ring.

One of the most easily recognizable wedding ring setting staples is a prong style. Generally, 4 to 6 prongs hold a single gemstone in place at the center of the ring. This is easily one of the most popular and classic designs out there.


halo gems example
Halo gems frame the center stone.

Mostly used in engagement rings, halo settings encircle the center gemstone. The halo is a desirable setting because it frames the center stone and often makes the center stone appear larger.


example of pave stones
Diamonds embedded into the ring band are usually in a pavé style.

Pavé, the french word for “paved,” is an apt name for this kind of setting style. A pavé setting involves setting small stones into the ring itself. When the gems are inserted they are flush with the outside of the ring — which is how the setting earned its namesake. It effectively looks like the band of your ring has been “paved” with gemstones.


cathedral engagement ring
Cathedral styles bring more attention to the center stone.

The cathedral setting style get’s its name from the arcs that are used to set your stone. These arcs extend from the band and hold your gemstone firmly in place. This style is a classic and effortlessly enhances the look of your center stone.


basket style engagement ring
The horizontal bars make this setting a basket style.

Much like a prong setting style, a basket style has prongs that extend from the band to hold your gemstone in place. However, a basket style setting has both vertical and horizontal prongs that create the shape of a woven basket. A basket style is also the slightly more secure option over a prong setting.


bezel style ring
A bezel keeps your gem more secure than other styles.

A bezel setting involves a metal rim that surrounds the main gemstone. This is one of the more secure options if you live a very active lifestyle and are worried about possible chipping. Recently, this style has come back into fashion because of its style and simplicity.


bar setting engagement ring set
The bottom engagement ring features a bar setting.

Another popular engagement ring style, the bar setting style is defined by the bars on either side of each stone. When you opt for a bar style setting, there are often several stones held together by bars instead of one center stone. This is also one of the most secure settings, so this is a good option for active lifestyles.

Buying a wedding ring in Pittsburgh is a life changing decision so you want to make sure you're in good hands. If you’re searching for a wedding ring for your spouse, Lisa Marie Kotchey — an expert jeweler in Pittsburgh — will assist you in finding the perfect match. Contact us today to get started searching for the best fitting piece of jewelry for the love of your life.