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Which Earring Shapes are Best for You?

Different earring shapes accentuate various features in the face. Find out which one works the best for you.

Earrings are a fantastic way to perk up your face and style, but different earrings will bring out your best features. Not every earring shape that’s in style will work for every face — unfortunately. There are many things to consider when choosing the right earring shape for you, so we’ve put together a list of various earring shapes and what characteristics each one will bring out on faces. Hopefully, you feel that they inspire you to try out a new earring shape based on your facial structure! 

Which Earring Shapes are Right for You?

Earring Shapes for Oval Shaped Faces

celebrities with oval face shape
Image courtesy of The Netline.

Characteristics: If you have an oval-shaped face, the line from your forehead usually blends in with your high cheekbones. Your face may slightly narrow at the chin, but imagine an egg shape when thinking about an oval-shaped face. With suitable earring shapes, you will be able to show off your beautiful high cheekbones.

The type of earring you should choose: Go for a pair of earrings that can provide a soft and slight complement to your face’s natural contour. Teardrops, pearls, and oval shapes are what you should be leaning towards with an oval-shaped face. The best part about having an oval-shaped face is your versatility when deciding on a pair of earrings. You can experiment with shapes, and you may find something new that works for you. 

Earring Shapes for Round Faces

celebrities with round face shape
Image courtesy of YouBeauty.

Characteristics: Your face is probably the widest at your cheekbones and narrows down towards your chin. Unlike an oval-shaped face, a round face is more of a circular shape than an egg. 

The type of earring you should choose: Avoid wearing earrings that accentuate the width of a round face, such as large hoops and circles. Drop earrings and long dangles are the way to go here because they elongate the face.

Earring Shapes for Square Faces

Earring Shapes for Square Faces
Image courtesy of PureWow.

Characteristics: When you are searching to see if your face is square, take a look at the length of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline. If they are all similar in size, that’s a square face. The hard angles of the face can be softened by the correct earring shape and will take away from the forehead and jawline.

The type of earring you should choose: Just like with the oval-shaped face, there is room to play around here and experiment with different earrings. Most of the time, you should gear towards rounded shapes like teardrops and hoops. Search for a pair that is medium or long in length. 

Earring Shapes for Heart-Shaped Faces

celebrities with heart face shape
Image courtesy of YouBeauty

Characteristics: Your forehead is wider than your cheeks and narrows at your chin with a heart-shaped face. Most people with this shape have a widow’s peak — a V-shaped growth of hair towards the center of your forehead.

The type of earring you should choose: An easy way to balance out the shape of your face is to select a pair of earrings that are wider at the bottom, like teardrops. You could even try out a pair of chandelier earrings, studs, or tight tiny hoops.

Earring Shapes for Triangle Faces

celebrities with triangle face shape
Image courtesy of Specscart.

Characteristics: Just as the name describes, a triangle-shaped face has a wide jawline and a narrow forehead. This shape is similar to the heart-shaped face, but this shape has more robust angles, whereas the heart shape is softer and rounder. 

The type of earring you should choose: The best earring shape here is one that balances out the wide and narrow parts of your face, which means something broader at the top and smaller near the bottom. Long, slim, and simple earrings can work great because they don’t add extra length to the jawline. Try out small hoops and teardrops as well.

Earring Shapes for Narrow Faces

celebrities with narrow face shape
Image courtesy of YouBeauty.

Characteristics: With not much emphasis on the width of your forehead and cheeks, the most defining characteristic is the length of your face. 

The type of earring you should choose: To add more dimension to your narrow face, choose a pair of earrings that are big and have lots of volume. You could also grab a pair of pearls or short dangles because they draw the eye to look horizontally, adding more width to your face.

Earring Shapes for Diamond Shaped Faces

celebrities with diamond face shape
Image courtesy of HAIRSTYLES.

Characteristics: Diamond-shaped faces are very classical — Elizabeth Taylor is one of the stars with this face shape. Your forehead and chin will be narrower than your cheekbones with this shape. The angles are usually quite extreme, and the right earring shape can tone that down.

The type of earring you should choose: Choose a pair that has more width than length to bring out your face’s features, such as studs, tiny hoops, and teardrops. Stay away from top-heavy designs, but play with a combination of curves and straight lines.

Finding the right earring shapes to match your face may not be something you have ever thought of before. The right pair of earrings can top off an outfit and take it to the next level while also accentuating your specific face shape. If you are searching for a personalized pair of earrings made just for you and your face shape, Lisa Marie Kotchey can work with you to design the perfect pair. Contact us to get started on your one-of-a-kind earring design!