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What is the Difference Between White Gold and Platinum?

One of the top jewelry stores in Pittsburgh, PA is here to break down the differences between white gold and platinum jewelry.

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
February 10, 2021

To the naked eye, white gold and platinum appear to be virtually the same. But the two metals could not be more different from one another. For one thing, platinum jewelry is much more expensive than gold jewelry. If you look closely, you’ll notice that their colors also vary slightly from one another. 

People often find themselves comparing white gold to platinum when looking for an engagement ring. These metals are popular among couples for their alluring and elegant look. If you find yourself stuck choosing between these two stunning metals, you aren’t alone. So before you start shopping at different jewelry stores in Pittsburgh, PA for your new engagement ring, you should read this article to decide whether white gold or platinum is the better choice for you.

5 Main Differences Between White Gold and Platinum

White gold and platinum differ in their composition, price, and durability

man working on jewelry
Let’s break down the difference between white gold and platinum metal together.

White gold and platinum differ from each other in terms of their:

  • Composition
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Hypoallergenic Potential
  • Long Term Care Needs

By taking a closer look at each of these factors, you can determine which metal is best suited for your ring. 


White gold rings tend to be lighter than platinum ones. They typically come in both 14k and 18k versions. 14k contains about 50% of pure gold while 18k has about 75% pure gold. Jewelers will mix gold with other alloys to make the rings stronger and more durable. 24k engagement rings, which contain 100% pure gold, are not usually sold because they would be too soft. 

Platinum, on the other hand, is very strong and heavy. If you aren’t sure whether you’d be comfortable wearing such a heavy metal, just try on a platinum ring. 


Prices will vary a little depending on the purity of your rings. However, white gold rings are usually much cheaper than platinum rings. This is because platinum is much rarer than white gold and is mined at a much lower rate. While around 2,700 tons of gold are mined each year, only 80 tons of platinum are mined within the same time period. Since precious metals are also priced by weight, platinum rings up a higher price tag because of its high density. 


As we mentioned before, platinum is pretty durable. So if you’re basing your decision mainly on durability, you’ll want to go with platinum. 

Thanks to its high durability, it can securely hold stones in place and handle scratches a lot better than white gold. When a white gold ring is scratched, much of the gold is lost. But when platinum is scratched, it develops a “patina finish.” This unique finish can add a nice touch to your platinum ring, giving it an antique look. Any metal that has been pushed away can even be put back into place. 

Hypoallergenic Potential

If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll need to look at the hypoallergenic potential of different metals. For some people, metal can irritate their skin or even cause an allergic reaction. White gold is typically mixed with a variety of different metals, so it might not be a good choice if you have sensitive skin. Platinum is actually the only true hypoallergenic metal available. This is because it has a 95% purity. 

Long Term Care Needs

White gold is gorgeous, but it does wear down and show its natural yellow color over time. When this occurs, you will have to head to a jeweler to restore its former plating. Platinum ages as well, but instead of losing its color it will start to lose its shiny finish. That said, a jeweler can also help you restore your ring back to its former glory. 

White Gold vs. Platinum: Which One is the Better Purchase?

Jewelry stores in Pittsburgh, PA typically offer both options. But which one is the better choice for an engagement ring?

Gold jewelry diamond rings in box
Not sure if white gold or platinum is right for you? Here’s how you can decide.

When choosing between white gold and platinum for your engagement ring, it all boils down to personal preference. If you are fine with shelling out the extra money for platinum, go ahead. Platinum may also be the better choice if you don’t want to worry about replacing the ring’s rhodium plating. That said, both metals can show some wear and tear over time. This will especially be true if you use your hands a lot for work. 

Searching for an engagement ring can be exhausting. There are so many different options out there that it can cause couples to feel stressed and overwhelmed. If you aren’t happy with any of the options you see from jewelry stores in Pittsburgh, PA, consider designing one instead.

Pittsburgh jewelry designer Lisa Kotchey can help you create a stunning engagement ring that you’ll cherish forever. Get in touch with us today for more information!