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Top Tips for Styling a Breathtaking Engagement Photoshoot

Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh Designer Offers Advice on Setting Up a Gorgeous Engagement Photoshoot

Summer is one of the most popular times to schedule an engagement photoshoot. The weather is warm, the beaches are open, and the sun is shining. Of course, planning and scheduling an engagement photoshoot can get complicated. You need to find a photographer, pick what outfits you want to wear, and find a location. On the day of the shoot, you will also want to make sure your hair and makeup looks on point. 

To help you out, custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey is here to give you easy tips on styling a gorgeous engagement photoshoot. 

Advice for Planning Your Photoshoot by Top Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh Designer

Tips for Planning a Successful Engagement Photoshoot

person painting nails

Organizing the perfect engagement photoshoot can be stressful. But with the proper amount of planning, it can become quite fun! Follow these top tips by custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey on planning your dream engagement photoshoot. 

Picking a Time and Location

Many couples choose a location that has a sentimental value to them. For instance, if your first date was in Schenley Park, organizing a photoshoot there offers the perfect balance of picturesque scenery and personal value. You could also choose a spot located in one of your hometowns, an area that the two of you visit often, or a place that simply offers beautiful scenery. 

The location that you choose may influence what time of day when you hold the photoshoot. For instance, holding a photoshoot by the bay during the sunset can create stunning photos. A photoshoot in the woods during the morning blue hour can create a magical and enchanting effect. 

Getting a Manicure

During the photoshoot, you will probably take numerous close-up photos of your engagement ring. A polished manicure can enhance and complement your engagement ring. Select a nail style that matches your personality as well as the theme of your engagement shoot. 

If you are planning a photoshoot in the woods while wearing a simple wardrobe, a neutral nail polish color might be best for you. But if you enjoy wearing long acrylic nails with bold colors, you can do that as well! Just make sure the nails complement the outfit you plan on wearing.  

Styling Your Outfit with Additional Jewelry 


In addition to your stunning engagement ring, you can also accessorize your outfit with stylish yet simple jewelry. Adding a simple necklace with a pendant or a thin bracelet can enhance your outfit. However, you should try to keep the additional jewelry to a minimum to avoid adding flashy distractions to your pictures. 

Tips for the Day of the Photoshoot

Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh Designer Offers Advice on Having a Successful Photoshoot

table full of breakfast food

The big day has finally arrived! Make sure your outfits are ready, your makeup is perfect, and you are fully energized for the long photoshoot ahead of you. Keep these tips in mind as your photoshoot draws closer. 

Start the Day Off with a Healthy Breakfast

Some people might try to avoid eating before photoshoots in order to prevent themselves from looking bloated. However, running on little to no fuel during a photoshoot can quickly tire you out and make you cranky. Therefore, you should make sure you fill yourself up with a nourishing breakfast on the day of your big engagement photoshoot. As you select different foods for your breakfast, make sure you add healthy and nutritious options that can keep you full and satisfied.

These energy-boosting foods are perfect for keeping you alert and ready for a long photoshoot:

  • Fresh fruit including berries, apples, oranges, bananas
  • Flaxseeds or chia seeds to add texture for a fruit bowl
  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt

For the photoshoot, make sure you pack a little snack in case you feel yourself growing hungry or tired!

Bring Sunscreen

An engagement photoshoot can take anywhere from one to three hours long. If you are taking your photos outside, wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is a necessity. Even if it is cloudy outside, you should apply sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays. 

Remember to Have Fun!

When you first start the photoshoot, it is normal to feel awkward or uncomfortable at first. But as you continue through the shoot and establish a rapport with your photographer, it will start to feel more seamless and natural. If you are worried about feeling awkward or uncomfortable, bring a speaker to play your favorite music on. 

Engagement photoshoots create fun and unforgettable memories during your journey to your wedding. The photos you take at the photoshoot will forever remain engrained in your wedding album. Do you still need to find the perfect engagement ring or a set of wedding rings for the ceremony? Contact custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey to get started on a design today.