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Top 5 Benefits of Designing Your Own Custom Piece of Jewelry

Learn why so many people are turning to custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer, Lisa Kotchey, for new pieces

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
July 22, 2020

Whether you are looking for a set of wedding rings for your upcoming ceremony or you just want to add a new pair of earrings to your jewelry collection, you need to figure out whether you want to design your own custom pieces or purchase your new jewelry additions from a store. 

At Lisa Marie Kotchey designs, we specialize in helping you design a piece of jewelry that matches your style, fits within your budget, and offers a sentimental value that no store-bought item can ever match. That’s why we are here to explain the numerous benefits that working with custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey can bring you.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh Designer Lisa Kotchey

Don’t know if it’s worth designing your own custom jewelry? Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey explains why you should look into it

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1. You get more value for your money

Contrary to popular belief, a custom jewelry Pittsburgh designer is not always more expensive than pre-designed brand jewelry. This can occur due to a number of factors. At a custom jewelry shop, you are working with both the designer and manufacturer of the product. Most jewelry stores do not manufacture their own pieces. Instead, they hire a middleman to produce their designs. Because of this extra step in the jewelry making process, the store brand jeweler must charge a higher price for their products. 

Working with a custom jeweler can also help you find a ring that matches your vision and ideas while also helping you stay within your budget. They can also help you pick different metals that are suitable for your lifestyle as well as gems that best complement your unique features.

2. Your jewelry will have a personal touch to it

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Wearing a piece of jewelry that no one else on earth has add a special sense of intimacy to it. If the new piece of jewelry you are hoping to design is an engagement ring or a new pair of earrings that you hope to pass down one day, you can easily add your own special style and touch to it to make it unique. 

You can choose everything from the shape of the piece to the color of any gemstones you choose to feature on it. This makes it easy to design a piece of jewelry based on an intimate memory or emotional connection with the recipient. Knowing that you designed a custom piece of jewelry for them, your loved one will also likely form an emotional connection with the stunning piece you bequeathed to them.  

3. A jeweler can help you create a stunning piece of artwork

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Even if you think you have no eye for design or any basic art skills, that’s okay. That’s why you are working with someone who specializes in custom jewelry. 

Pittsburgh expert Lisa Kotchey, for instance, studied at the Gemological Institue of America (GIA) so that she could help visitors like you design a gorgeous piece that will be passed down your family for generations to come. She is also a member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. As a small business owner, she understands how critical it is to give each of her customers superior service. For years, she has helped customers turn their visions into real-life pieces. 

4. There is more creativity involved

When you shop at a typical jewelry store, you have no influence over the designs that are presented to you. You can either pick whatever pieces are available to you or you have to leave empty-handed and a little discouraged. By designing your own custom jewelry, you can make your new piece as creative and unique as you desire. 

5. You have greater control over the look of your new piece

Instead of hunting for the right piece of jewelry across different stores in town, you can design your own piece of custom jewelry. Pittsburgh may offer a number of jewelry shops, but it can still be difficult to find “the one.” That’s why so many people are choosing to design their own pieces. 

While some stores allow you to choose what type of metal you want to use for your jewelry or add extra gemstones to your piece, you don’t have as much freedom and control over your end design. With a professional jewelry designer, you can work out the specific look, color, and feel of the new jewelry piece. 

As you can see, designing your own piece of custom jewelry brings numerous benefits that extend far beyond the capabilities of pre-made jewelry. Are you ready to design a new piece of jewelry with custom Pittsburgh jewelry expert Lisa Kotchey? Get in touch with the team today to get started.