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Top 4 Reasons to Redesign Jewelry Heirlooms Instead of Buying New

Why More People Nowadays Are Choosing to Redesign Jewelry Heirlooms

Jewelry is one of the most popular items to pass down in families. Years of treasured memories are associated with these precious gemstones and metals. But sometimes, these pieces do not match our personal tastes. Instead of packing these prized possessions away to collect dust, consider trying to redesign jewelry heirlooms that have been passed down to you. Not only is it a more sustainable practice than purchasing new jewelry, but it also allows you to take an active part in your family’s history. 

In our latest blog post, Lisa Kotchey Design is here to review our top four reasons for redesigning your heirlooms instead of buying new ones.

You Are Keeping a Special Heirloom Alive in the Family

Some Memories Are Passed Down Generations Through a Significant Piece of Jewelry

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Many people choose to keep family heirlooms for the sake of nostalgia. Even if they do have financial value, heirlooms play an important role in a family’s history and values, which is why most people refrain from trying to sell them. Whether there is a romantic love story or a sad goodbye story attached to the piece of jewelry, it will always be carried with it through the years. Rather than leave these heirlooms hidden away in a box, consider giving them a redesign and pulling them out for special occasions or events. When you pass this heirloom to your own children and grandchildren, you would want them to do the same. 

When You Redesign Jewelry, You Are Being Kinder to the Planet

Practice Sustainability and Redesign Jewelry Heirlooms

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With the right jewelry design expert as your partner, you can repurpose almost any type of jewelry. Whether you want to redesign an old watch, repair a broken chain, or completely transform a pair of earrings, you have an endless array of options to choose from. Not only is giving your jewelry a little makeover great for updating its style, but it is also beneficial for the environment. 

As public awareness of mining’s negative impact on the environment continues to grow, the practice of recycling and redesigning jewelry has also grown in popularity. Rather than selecting a new piece of jewelry made of gems that cannot be ethically sourced, consumers are now choosing to redesign jewelry collections and heirlooms. Gemstones such as rubies and emeralds are non-renewable. However, their durability makes them perfect for a redesign. In fact, it is quite common to repurpose or redesign these types of gemstones throughout the years. A sapphire brooch can turn into a pendant on a necklace. Diamonds from a necklace can be used for an engagement ring.

You Can Get a Little Creative

Practice Your Art and Design Skills to Craft the Perfect Piece of Jewelry

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If you enjoy studio art or crafting, you might quickly find a passion for redesigning your own jewelry. Instead of buying a store brand piece of jewelry that is identical to dozens of other pieces sold there, you can customize your own piece of jewelry that will be like no one else’s. Even if you just have a string of pearls on a broken chain, you have a limitless array of creative directions to go with it. Maybe you want to build a new set of pearl earrings. Or you need a gold chain for a custom pendant. The possibilities are endless. 

Don’t have a background in jewelry design? Don’t worry. Custom jewelry experts are here to guide you through the process and recommend ideas to you. They can offer recommendations on design, gem selection, and more. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram offer a wide variety of photos and designs to serve as inspiration for your own pieces. Once you find a design that you want, it is time to get started. 

You Can Save Money

Many People Choose to Redesign Jewelry for its Cost-Effectiveness

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It’s no secret that high-quality jewelry leans on the pricey side. For instance, diamond engagement rings cost between $3,500 to $5,000, on average. If you want to enjoy durable and elegant jewelry without coughing up a hefty amount of money, consider redesigning your jewelry heirlooms instead. Depending on the jeweler, the price to redesign jewelry can start at around $300. Make the most of your gorgeous heirloom pieces by repurposing them into new designs and pieces. 

Whatever your reason to redesign jewelry heirlooms is, you have an endless array of design options to choose from. Not only are you keeping a precious item in the family, but you are also supporting the emergence of a better planet. Are you ready to start redesigning your family jewelry? Contact the leader in custom jewelry, Pittsburgh designer Lisa Kotchey, to get started.