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Jewelry Trends

The 5 Trendiest Jewelry Pieces for Summer 2021

Find out what jewelry pieces you should invest in this summer from a professional Pittsburgh jeweler.

Summer 2021 will be one to remember when we are considering fashion and jewelry trends. Most people are ready to break out of their quarantine sweatpants and embrace a funky style. From fun 70s patterns to cute monochrome matching sets, the jewelry pieces a person chooses will complete these outfits. The most significant trend for 2021? Mood lifting fashion. Check out these five summer 2021 jewelry trends predicted by a Pittsburgh jeweler who has been providing unparalleled designs and services since 1984. 

5 Jewelry Trends Perfect for Summer 2021 from a Pittsburgh Jeweler

        1. Pearls

woman wearing pearl earrings
Image courtesy of The Zoe Report.

Pearls had a resurgence last spring but are now in full bloom coming into summer 2021. These aren’t your grandmother’s dated pearls either. Jewelers have been working to make pearls just as funky as any other trend. Layering on different shaped pearl necklaces is no longer a faux pas. Some necklaces or bracelets are not fully pearled around the neck but instead have half pearl and half a gold chain. These mismatched pearl necklaces can be layered and stacked together, which is another massive trend for the summer. As a Pittsburgh jeweler, it is always exciting to see styles come back in unique ways. Keeping your heirloom jewelry and repurposing it to match a current trend can be a fun way to change up a meaningful piece. 

        2. Stacked Jewelry

woman wearing jewelry
Image courtesy of Ring Concierge

Stack your necklaces, rings, and bracelets — the more, the merrier this season! As the weather warms up, most of us will start to show more skin, and there will be more room to show off our jewelry. Not only should you stack pearls with different pearls, but you should also consider stacking all different kinds of jewelry together. Putting together different colors, patterns, and styles is no longer wrong in the fashion world. Layer your gold necklaces with strands that hold seashells on them to dress your outfit down or to create a playful summer vibe. If you are lost on where to start, choose one colorful statement piece to begin, then add simple chains, a locket necklace, and colorful rings that match the colorway to tie the outfit together. 

        3. Anklets

Image courtesy of Classy Woman Collection.

Anklets are a trend that comes and goes, but this year’s anklets are slightly different from those we were wearing in the 90s. In the 1990s, ankle bracelets were sometimes made of colored strings and featured large shells. In 2021, they can be a year-round accessory because they are made of much more durable material. Trendsetters in 2021 will be wearing gold anklets, pearl anklets, or ones made with precious stones. This year, most of the anklets will be simple fashion statements that will be an accessory for the beach and everyday wear. 

        4. Hand-Beaded Pieces

woman wearing necklace
Image courtesy of Design Sponge.

Not only can hand-beaded pieces be trendy, but they are also highly affordable and can be a craft to help pass the time. Grab a group of your friends and bead your necklaces, bracelets, sunglass chains, and phone beads. Most who participate in this trend love to use letter beads to spell out a saying or word that fits them, adding another touch of their one personality to their outfit. Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have created their versions of this style if you are searching for a designer take on the beaded piece trend. You can find beaded jewelry on Depop, Etsy, and Amazon if you don’t want to break the bank but still don’t want to make the pieces yourself. 

       5. Sunglasses Chains

woman wearing sunglasses
Image courtesy of Teen Vogue.

From what might have emerged from the mask chains we have been used to wearing for the past year, sunglasses chains are fashionable and functional. You’ll never have to worry about tossing your sunglasses into your purse and hoping for the best that they won’t get scratched. This trend might also remind you of a librarian, but it’ll be in the best way possible. Take a simple black pair of sunglasses and add a chunky chain to make a statement. Other sunglasses chains can be simple gold or silver metal, beaded, shell, or pearl. These sunglasses chains are an easy way to add spice to your outfit and change your sunglasses to match every outfit. 

Using jewelry can be an exciting way to add personality and flair to the simplest of outfits. As a Pittsburgh jeweler, we can create custom pieces that match current trends or design jewelry to be timeless. We will take your old jewelry you are no longer gravitating towards and redesign it to fit your everyday style, or we can build something brand new. Whether you are searching for a piece from our in-house collection or looking to have one custom designed, Lisa Marie Kotchey is the place to visit. Contact us to start building your one-of-a-kind summer 2021 jewelry collection!