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New Year’s Jewelry Guide from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Inspiration for Iconic New Year’s Looks from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
December 18, 2019

New Year’s celebrations are inherently unique in that they celebrate both a beginning and an ending at the same time. As we wrap up the whirlwind of a year that we’ve experienced in 2019, we are challenged to face new challenges and reach new heights in 2020. This celebration often goes late into the evening and is celebrated with friends, family, and often a little bit of champagne, making it an occasion calling for a little extra sparkle. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh - we’re dedicated to helping you find and create the jewelry that speaks to you, which is why we’re here to share everything you need to know about New Year’s jewelry.

New Year’s Jewelry Fashion Tips

Tips from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh on Styling NYE

As you gather for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day with friends and family, it’s typical to gain a certain ‘look’ for the holiday. For some, this look is trendy and ostentatious, while for others New Year’s is the time to show off a sense of classic elegance.

Jewelry has a way of helping communicate your personality and taking every outfit to the next level. Choosing different styles of necklaces and earrings can turn an everyday outfit into a New Year’s masterpiece. Whichever look you are going for during your New Year’s celebration, check out these tips for using jewelry to achieve your favorite look:

Fun & Trendy New Year’s Looks

Trendy Jewelry Pittsburgh
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Trendy New Year’s looks often border on risque, including fun fabrics, shimmering pieces, and high-contrast colors for a bold look. Women often choose something with a little bit of sparkle - whether that be a glittery top or sequin skirt - with a pair of heels.

With style this loud and ostentatious, many people aren’t sure what to about jewelry. New Year’s Eve fashion is perfect for rule-bending, but be sure to keep these ideas in mind while accessorizing:

  • Find a balance. When wearing sparkly, fluffy, or detailed clothing, many people worry that adding jewelry can be overwhelming to your look. It’s all about establishing a balance of where attention is drawn on your body. In the three main regions for jewelry - hand, neck, and head - it’s important to accessorize carefully. Three large pieces of jewelry may feel overwhelming for your outfit, but a bold earring and series of simple bangles can add the perfect amount of sparkle to your look.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. Mixing metals used to be a huge fashion faux pas, but not it’s considered a trend commonly utilized by the master of accessorizing. What better time to try it out than a celebration that calls for breaking the rules a bit?
  • Add a little POP! New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a statement piece. Pair a more simple top with fun bottoms and heels, then top the whole thing off with a bold, big, loud and proud, sparkling statement necklace. With a simple outfit, a bold statement necklace can take your outfit to the next level

Classic & Fashionable New Year’s Looks

Classic Jewelry Pittsburgh
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If going out to a bar or club is no longer your scene on New Year’s and you’ve traded up for a special dinner or house party, you need a look that is sophisticated but celebratory at the same time. Finding this balance can be hard, which is why jewelry is the perfect solution for this type of New Year’s look.

The perfect way to master this look is by starting with a simple cocktail dress, a pretty blouse, and a fun pair of shoes. These items may already exist in your closet and just need a little jazzing up with some jewelry. This is the perfect time to pull out a bold statement piece or play up gold jewelry that you can’t seem to find an occasion for.

Much like trendy looks, however, this is about balance. Counter the bold look of a statement necklace with a simple pair of pearl or diamond studs for a classy look that’s perfect for your New Year’s celebration.

Pop Champagne & ‘The Question’ this New Year’s Eve

Planning a NYE Engagement with the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Any guide to New Year’s jewelry would be incomplete without mentioning engagement rings. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both popular days to get engaged, making it a great opportunity to pop the question yourself.

While classic engagement rings are the style you can never go wrong with, the fun style of New Year’s invited you to break tradition a bit with your engagement ring. Some fun ways to add a New Year’s twist on an engagement ring include switching up a traditional platinum band with a sparkling gold band. Play up the gold band by adding black stones into the design of your ring for a truly unique New Year’s feel. 

Additionally, a great way to make your ring unique is by trying out a multi-stone setting that adds a vintage feel to your piece of custom jewelry. If you’re not sure of how to execute the ring of your dreams, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh - can help you decide on or design the perfect ring for your engagement in 2020.

Ready to get a timeless piece for New Year’s and beyond? Shop with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh - today to find the piece of your dreams.