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Holiday Gems

Local Gems: Your Pittsburgh Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for a gift from a local Pittsburgh jeweler or searching for the perfect stocking stuffer, we’ve got you covered!

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
November 5, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life, but you can’t find anything just right? You’re in luck because we’re giving you some of the best local gift giving ideas in the Pittsburgh area. This year, it's all about shopping small and patronizing local businesses that rely on the holidays to stay afloat. 

As the weather continues to get colder, it's time to start getting out there and shopping. But, before you head out of the house, take a look at some of our local gems, from a local custom Pittsburgh jeweler to the best clothing stores in the city. Let’s take a look at the best local gifts you can find in Pittsburgh this year. 

For that Special Someone: Pittsburgh Jeweler Lisa Marie Kotchey

You can find the perfect necklace or the ideal custom earrings at your local Pittsburgh jeweler

Lisa Marie Kotchey jewelry on display official photoshoot
Lisa Marie Kotchey will collaborate with you to create the perfect gift.

This holiday, give the gift of jewelry to that someone special in your life. When you visit Lisa Marie Kotchey, you can create a custom piece of jewelry that is sure to delight your significant other. Depending on their tastes, you can go for a custom necklace or a ring this holiday season. 

Lisa will work with you to help your custom jewelry dream become a reality. Lisa puts you in control of the design of your custom piece, guiding you through different metals, gem shapes sizes — all at a price that won’t break the bank. Once you’ve secured your one-of-a-kind piece from your local Pittsburgh jeweler, the only thing that’s left is to plan a romantic setting to present your gift.

For the Gardener in Your Life: Phipps Conservatory

After visiting your local Pittsburgh jeweler, stop at Phipps Conservatory for some festive plant-themed gift ideas

Phipps gift shop themed for holiday season
Step into a winter wonderland and find the perfect gift. Image courtesy of Phipps Conservatory.

If you haven’t visited Phipps Conservatory during the holidays before, prepare to walk into a complete winter wonderland. Each year from November through January, Phipps Conservatory puts on their annual winter flower show — which extends to their impressive gift shop. The Shop at Phipps is the perfect place to start shopping for the plant lovers in your life. Take your pick of festive planters, gardening supplies, and botanical glass art from local Pittsburgh artist Jonathan Sirockman. Not only does The Shop at Phipps have the perfect gifts for plant lovers, they also stock an impressive selection of holiday ornaments that you can use as stocking stuffers.

For the Wildcard in Your Life: Kards Unlimited

Can’t find a good stocking stuffer for a loved one? Look no further than Kards Unlimited in Shadyside

Kards Unlimited storefront
Unsure where to start shopping? Kards Unlimited has plenty to get your mind racing. Image courtesy of Kards Unlimited.

If you should stumble into Kards Unlimited in Shadyside without doing any research, you’re going to be impressed. This novelty store and bookstore combination is packed to the brim with fun, irreverent, and unique gifts. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for serious novels, cookbooks, or a novelty oven mitt, you can probably find them all in the same aisle at Kards Unlimited. And of course, you can make this your one stop shop for all of the humorous holiday cards that go with your gifts. 

For the Fashionista: Number 14

Find the perfect gift for a stylish lady in your life

number 14 interior clothing store boutique women's
The latest fashions are at Number 14. Image courtesy of Travel & Leisure.

Located on Butler Street in Lawrenceville, Number 14 offers designer clothing, shoes and accessories that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. At Number 14, they update their clothing daily, so everyday you can find different designer items. This is the perfect place to find seasonal essentials like cable knit cardigans, denim jackets, casual dresses and a wide array of faux fur items. If you can’t make it in person — don’t worry! You can order their most popular styles from Number 14 online. 

For the Vintage Clothing Lover: Eons Fashion Antique

This place has everything a vintage clothing lover could ever want from 70s 80s, and 90s fashion

fashion clothing store interior boxes posters
Eons has some of the best vintage clothing in the city. Image courtesy of The Pitt News.

Vintage clothing is extremely popular as trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s come back into fashion. For the vintage clothing enthusiast in your life, why not pay a visit to Eons Fashion Antique on Ellsworth Avenue. Eons carries a wide selection of men’s and women’s clothing that ranges from affordable to practically priceless. So, no matter your price range, you can find something completely one of a kind at Eons Fashion Antique.

Buying jewelry for a loved one is a thoughtful and memorable way to show your love around the holidays. If you’re searching for that perfect piece of jewelry for a holiday gift, look no further than Lisa Marie Kotchey. An expert Pittsburgh jeweler, Lisa will assist you in finding or designing your perfect piece. Contact us today to get started designing your perfect custom-made gift.