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Inspiration Guide for Gifting Custom Jewelry this Holiday Season

Holiday Gifting Tips and Ideas from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
December 4, 2019

The holiday season is a season made for giving. Whether you’re giving for loved ones this year or doing your part to give back to the community, the generous energy of the holiday season has a tendency to inspire all of us. We are continuously driven to give the best, most thoughtful gifts to our loved ones this time of year, so it comes as no surprise that custom jewelers are busy during the holiday season. As the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs is here to share with you some inspiration for the perfect gift this holiday season: a piece of custom jewelry. From dazzling engagement rings to the perfect everyday necklace, we’re here with inspiration for your loved one’s new favorite piece of jewelry.

Custom Wedding & Engagement Rings

Popping the Question with the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

christmas engagement

According to Wedding Wire, more than 40% of engagements occur during the holiday season. Whether you’re popping the question on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or somewhere else scattered among a plethora of winter holidays, you’re sure to be in good company if proposing during the holidays.

While sometimes not recommended as a holiday gift itself, a custom engagement ring is a perfect surprise during the holiday season. Lucky for you, engagement ring designs are more variable and customizable than ever before as many couples skew from traditional designs, shapes, and stones.

No matter the design you choose, though, there are a number of ways to make a stunning engagement ring with the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh. Perhaps the most thoughtful engagement ring comes in the form of an heirloom piece repurposed into a custom ring. Reworking the stones or metal in an heirloom piece of jewelry not only is a great way to save money during the holidays, but can help you truly wow your fiance-to-be when you pop the question.

If an heirloom piece isn’t right for you, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs is here to help create a stunning piece of custom jewelry that feels true to your love. With a variety of settings, stones, and more to choose from, we’re sure we’ll be able to make any proposal a little extra special with a dazzling ring.

Custom Bracelets

Holiday Bracelets from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Holiday Bracelets Custom Jewerly Pittsburgh

There are people who will always be on your shopping list during the holidays: parents, children, grandchildren, and more. Each year you find yourself racking your brain for the perfect gift, but struggle to find something that’s the perfect balance of thoughtful and fun.

The perfect way to gift a custom bracelet this holiday season is by giving your loved one a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are the perfect gift because they’re versatile and guaranteed to be worn. Additionally, you can form a new tradition by gifting a new charm every year. The leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh - Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - can help you craft the perfect chain and charms for your charm bracelet, allowing you to give your loved one a gift that continues to keep on giving.

Custom Necklaces

Necklaces & Pendants for Year-Round Wear

Custom Necklaces Pittsburgh

Necklaces are a wonderful, heartfelt gift because they are often versatile enough to wear all year round. Symbolically, necklaces are also kept close to your heart, making them a perfect choice for showing a girlfriend, wife, or special child how much you care.

A common gift for the holidays as a simple necklace for year-round wear. Made with a simple chain and pendant, this custom necklace can be made to celebrate a milestone, commemorate a wonderful year, or just to add variety to your jewelry collection. Custom engravings and more are a great way to make a stunning custom piece for the holidays.

Additionally, we love the idea of introducing special stones into a simple custom necklace. Choosing a ruby or emerald for this piece is a great way to showcase the colors of the season and build a piece that can be worn year after year during the holidays. To stick to your holiday budget, the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh can help repurpose metal and stones from an older piece to bring new life to a meaningful piece of jewelry.

Custom Earrings

Daily Wear Pieces from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Custom Earrings Pittsburgh

If your loved ones are anything like us, we feel naked without a pair of earrings. As the piece in your jewelry collection that is easiest to throw on with nearly any outfit, custom earrings are the perfect gift that is sure to get plenty of use.

Whether you’re thinking about a simple studded earring or an intricate dangling pair, Lisa Marie Kotchey is here to make your dreams a reality. There are a number of routes to go with this, including:

  • Diamond Earrings for Your First Christmas Together. Not sure you’re ready for a diamond ring, but want to show her that you’re in it for the long haul? Custom earrings are a great way to send this message.
  • Pearl Earrings for an 18-Year-Old. Milestone jewelry is a great way to celebrate the coming of age of a young adult, for which we recommend sticking with traditional, timeless pieces.
  • Dangling Earrings for an Upcoming Wedding. The perfect gift for the mother of the soon-to-be bride (or another important woman in your life)? Earrings custom-made for the big day.
  • Repurposed Piece from a Recently-Passed Loved One. The first holiday without a loved one is always tough. Honor their legacy by repurposing a piece of jewelry so that you can always keep them close. 

Custom jewelry is the perfect gift for nearly any occasion. For the perfect holiday gifts, be sure to shop with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs for a stunning, unforgettable gift this Christmas.