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How to Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out From the Rest

Breaking down wraps and enhancers to elevate your custom Pittsburgh engagement ring

Being asked ‘the question’ and receiving an engagement ring is something that most of us have dreamed about our whole lives. Maybe you have even gone as far as thinking about the cut, stone, color, etc. But, have you ever thought of creating an enhancer to make your engagement ring stand out? If you haven’t heard of them before, then now is the perfect time to learn about what an engagement ring wrap or enhancer is from a custom wedding ring designer in Pittsburgh, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. Today, we’re going to be discussing what engagement ring enhancers are and how you can design the perfect enhancer for your ring. 

What are Engagement Ring Wraps & Enhancers? 

Learn how a Pittsburgh custom wedding ring can make your engagement ring pop

types of engagement ring wraps and enhancers
Image Courtesy of Modern Goldsmith

Ring wraps and enhancers are extra rings that are intended to be worn with your engagement ring to add some uniqueness. On their own, the wraps and enhancers have a large space to accentuate the main ring, but with all the pieces together, they come to look like one. In simple terms, if you have a solitaire ring, the ring wrap or enhancer is customized to wrap around or above the solitaire ring. This extra ring can also be worn as the wedding band or can be given as a gift on your wedding day or even later on in life. Not only does it make your engagement ring look even better, but it can be also gifted to be something of sentimental value. 

What Type of Ring Works Best With Ring Enhancers & Wraps?

Find the best type of ring enhancers for your engagement ring

example of a halo ring design

When it comes time to choose or design your ring enhancer, you will have to pick something that goes well with your ring. Because there are so many different styles of engagement rings you may have, it can be tough to narrow down the right enhancer for you. We are going to explain a few styles of engagement rings and how you can choose the best enhancer for you.

Solitaire Ring 

A solitaire ring is a diamond or gemstone that stands alone and is the most common engagement ring design. Because there are no extra accent pieces on this type of ring, they work great with almost all kinds of wraps or enhancers. When creating your custom wedding ring in Pittsburgh, though, it is always important to take into consideration the height of your engagement ring to ensure it doesn’t clash with the enhancer. 

Halo Ring

A halo ring is designed with small accent stones that encircle a larger, center diamond or gemstone. Since these rings are more intricately designed it can be a little trickier when customizing the ring enhancer. When designing the ring enhancer, it should be crafted to match the design of the engagement ring and to cover most of the sides. The ring wrap or enhancer should also be carefully designed to allow for a perfect fit. 

Cathedral Ring 

Lastly, a cathedral ring features metal arches that slope up to the diamond or gemstone to help secure it in place. Most of these rings are solitaire as well the only difference is the sloping metal arches on the side of the diamond or gemstone. Because of their similar designs, the same considerations should be taken when customzing your ring wrap or enhancer. 

How to Choose the Ring Wrap or Enhancer for You

With so many designs, it can be hard to find an enhancer that fits your engagement ring

engagement ring with a ring enhancer around it in a ring box
Image Courtesy of Modern Goldsmith.

With so many options currently available for your ring wrap or enhancer, it is best to go to a local jeweler. At a local jeweler, you will be able to try on various types of ring wraps or enhancers with your engagement ring or choose to design custom wraps or enhancers that accentuate your engagement ring. During this process, you will get a better feel of what you like and what fits your ring. You will also discuss any customizations you may have such as designing your own custom wedding ring in Pittsburgh. Since each ring is different, not every engagement ring will fit well with the ring enhancers. For example, some may only be designed for a halo ring while others may only work for a solitaire ring design. 

Ring wraps and enhancers truly are so versatile and can be worn to your liking. Depending only on your lifestyle, you could wear it every day or you could choose to bring it out only on special occasions. No matter what your preferences are though, here at Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs we are always here to help you find a custom wedding ring in Pittsburgh. Now that you have learned how you can make your engagement ring customizable and uniquely yours, it is time to make your appointment. We know that it can be difficult finding that perfect ring, but we are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to bring your engagement ring to life.