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Rowing Jewelry

How to Create Personalized Rowing Jewelry for the Entire Crew

Design Personalized Rowing Jewelry with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
April 24, 2019

As we move into the summer months in Pittsburgh, our iconic three rivers turn lively with boaters, kayakers, rowers, and more. Providing a truly unique look at the city of Pittsburgh, these sports on our rivers are complemented by a variety of events throughout the season. Whether you’re joining in on the Three River Regatta on land or by boat or getting involved in the Rowing competitions on the Allegheny, there’s so much excitement in Pittsburgh surrounding rowing during this time of year. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, we create jewelry to symbolize the most important things in your life. If rowing is close to your heart or the heart of someone you love, you’ve got to check out rowing jewelry at Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. Able to create for you the perfect piece of rowing jewelry to commemorate your race on the water, we’re sure you’ll value the jewelry we can craft to represent your adventures on the three rivers.

Rowing Jewelry: A Celebration of Crew

Why Rowing Jewelry is a Great Way to Commemorate Your Passion on the Water

Lisa Kotchey custom jewlery rowing ring

There’s nothing quite like the bond between crew members. The hours you spend training for races, early mornings on the river, and severe tan lines you develop together build pride and a sense of togetherness in your crew that continues long after the season is over. Your rowing team, in essence, works together as one: mechanically and majestically in tune with one another’s every move. This kind of bond has no parallel in other sports and other teams, which is why the bond of your crew is something worth celebrating.

A great way to celebrate this bond with your crew is with rowing jewelry. Rowing jewelry designed by Lisa Marie Kotchey is made to allow your team to commemorate a successful season, a championship win, or simply this unbelievable bond that you form with teammates. Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs creates jewelry that is typically shaped like your blade, which can then be colored to create a custom piece of jewelry that you’ll value forever.

Rowing jewelry is also a great gift for the dedicated rower in your life. A great way to celebrate a retirement from the sport, rowing jewelry will act as a constant reminder of the love they have for the sport even after they have retired from the water. Choosing to create a custom, long-lasting piece of jewelry to celebrate a rower’s career or dedication is the perfect gift for anyone on the

Tips for Designing Rowing Jewelry

A Variety of Rowing Jewelry Options at Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs

Lisa Kotchey Custom Jewelry rowing bracelet

When designing it’s most important to choose a reputable jeweler to help you create your jewelry. You want a jeweler with years of experience helping their clients’ dreams come to life in custom pieces of jewelry. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, not only do we have years of experience creating stunning jewelry for birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and more, but we are well-seasoned in creating rowing jewelry for crews in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Lisa Marie Kotchey can help you craft the custom rowing jewelry of your dreams. Specializing in blade bracelets, Lisa Marie Kotchey allows you to customize your jewelry in a variety of ways:

  • Metal Choice: At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, you can choose the type of metal for your rowing jewelry. We know that value, quality, and budget are considerations to be made when designing all jewelry. Choose between sterling silver, 14K white gold, and 14K yellow gold for your rowing jewelry, each of which provides the quality you’re looking for with a clean, modern look.
  • Color Customization: What sets rowing jewelry from Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs apart is the beautiful customizability that can be achieved by adding your crew’s colors to your jewelry. Add blue and gold for your Pittsburgh team, classic reds and blues, and more to make your rowing jewelry a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll always cherish.
  • Patterns: We put you in charge of the amount of detail you want to include in your rowing jewelry. If you’re looking for a simple, timeless piece, we can help create a stunning metal silhouette of an oar. If you want something more detailed, we can make those dreams become a reality with stripes, engraving, and more.

If you have something different in mind, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs can work with you to help your vision come to life. Using years of professional jewelry design experience, Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs has all the tools necessary to make you the beautiful rowing jewelry you’ll never want to take off.

Looking to create custom rowing jewelry for yourself, your crew, or a dedicated rower in your life? Get in touch with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. We’ll help you craft the jewelry of your dreams for every big moment in your life.

Image Source: Three Rivers Rowing Association