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Don’t Leave it to Luck: Tips for Buying Jewelry This St. Paddy’s Day

Purchase the Luckiest Custom Jewelry in Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
February 27, 2019

Jewelry is more than just a fashion statement - it carries sentimental reminders of loved ones, commitment, strength, and achievement. These tiny yet beautiful reminders of the love you are surrounded by are often handed down through generations. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, we believe your jewelry should act as a constant reminder of the love you are surrounded by and just how lucky you are, which is why we believe you should never leave such an important purchase to luck and chance. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to making smart buying choices on jewelry this St. Paddy’s Day, including how to shop for gold, jolly-green emeralds, lucky charms, and more!

Finding Your Pot of Gold

Tips for Making Smart Gold Shopping Decisions

Lisa Kotchey Custom Jewelry Gold Necklaces

As you invest in gold jewelry, it’s import to make sure you know what you’re purchasing. With lots of talk about karats and alloys, it’s easy to feel like you’re being tricked by a sneaky little leprechaun trying to force you into an uninformed decision. Buying gold jewelry can feel like a maze, but follow these simple rules to help you find the perfect piece for you:

  • Know your Karats: The number of karats your gold has signifies its purity. Pure gold clocks in at 24 karats or more than 99% gold. Similarly, a 12 karat gold bracelet is 50% gold, and so on. Not only is it important to know how much gold is in your jewelry for pricing purposes, but also for allergies. Many people have an allergy to Nickel - a common gold alloy - and can have reactions to gold with a low karat count. People with allergies to other metals should look to purchase at least 18 karat gold, but should be aware that the higher the karat, the less strong and durable the jewelry typically will be.
  • Meet Your Alloys: There are a variety of metal alloys that get mixed with your Gold to increase strength and keep the price of gold jewelry low. This is why we encounter white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and more shades of gold while shopping. With the addition of silver, copper, zinco, nickel and more, your gold can have a variety of alloys that lead to different levels of purity and composition.
  • Shop at a Trusted Jeweler: It’s easy for an inexperienced jewelry shopper to be fooled and lied to, which is why it is imperative to shop for fine jewelry at a trusted jeweler. A skilled jeweler will provide you with a fair price on your gold jewelry, be able to answer any questions you have, and will help you find the best piece for you and your budget. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, you can rest assured that your custom made jewelry in Pittsburgh is coming from a name you can trust.

Make People Green with Envy of Your Jewelry

Adding Stunning Emerald Pieces to your Jewelry Collection

Lisa Kotchey Emerald Jewlery

As one of the five cardinal gemstones, emeralds are the iconic green gem - the perfect addition to your jewelry collection this St. Paddy’s Day. The majority of emeralds come from South America or areas in East Asia, making them a highly-sought-after gemstone and a staple in every jewelry collection. The stunning green hue comes from chromium present in the stone, but undertones and secondary tones of yellow and blue can be present in the stone due to variations in origin. When buying emeralds, you want to make sure you’re making a wise buying decision, so here’s a few tips:

  • Inclusions are likely in Emeralds: An inclusion is much like an imperfection in a gem that is caused by gasses or liquids being trapped in the gem during its formation. If an emerald does not contain an inclusion, it is often not a naturally-occurring emerald. This does not mean it’s not a real emerald, because emeralds made in labs are composed of the same elements, but your jeweler should always give you an honest description of your gem’s origin before purchase.
  • Color Matters: You can tell a lot about your emerald’s origin based on its color; the iconic green has variations based on where it is from. It’s also important to note that the cut of your gem is designed, oftentimes, to emphasize color rather than brilliance. This is where the “emerald cut” comes from, which makes the color of your emerald pop. There are other common cuts for your emerald, and you should always ask your jeweler about your options for cut that will be fit the color you look for in your emerald jewelry.

On the Hunt for Lucky Charms

Bring the St. Paddy’s Day Luck with You 365 Days a year

Lisa Kotchey Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are no longer just for little girls. With the rise in popularity of big-brand charm bracelets, these fun, customizable bracelets are for everyone. The greatest benefit of a charm bracelet is that it grows with you, allowing you to collect sentimental charms that commemorate life events. As a piece of jewelry that is true to you, make sure to follow these tips when buying a charm bracelet:

  • Big Brands Aren’t Your Only Option: Though large charm bracelet brands are increasingly popular, they aren’t your only option! These brands have arisen, in many cases, out of convenience. But if you want to create a piece that is truly custom, timeless, and valuable, look for a charm bracelet at a trusted jeweler. Not only will you or your loved one help you craft a piece that fits your style and personality, but you’ll be using your ‘shop small’ mentality that boost small businesses and hardworking families.
  • A Strong Chain Can be Beautiful: A common misconception is that charm bracelets are bulky, and if they are not bulky they have a tendency to be weak. Charm bracelet chains, when made with the proper metal alloys, can be strong, long-lasting, and beautiful without the bulk. This means you can add charms without worry that your piece will become too overbearing.

Looking for the perfect jewelry isn’t always easy. Make the process a little easier by shopping for your custom jewelry in Pittsburgh at Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. Our warm, professional service and expert knowledge will lead you to making the right jewelry purchase for any occasion.