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Commemorate Graduation with Custom Jewelry

Graduation is a Special Milestone, Celebrate it with a Meaningful Gift

After hours spent poring over books in the library, typing research papers into the late hours of the night, and designing presentations for group projects, the day has finally come. Graduation. Your daughter’s hard work has finally paid off in the form of a thick, white diploma certifying that she has successfully completed the necessary requirements for her degree.

What better way to congratulate her for this accomplishment than by designing her own custom jewelry in Pittsburgh? At Lisa Markie Kotchey Designs, we collaborate with each customer that walks through our doors to create jewelry that is both stylish and meaningful to them.

In this article, we will go over:

  • Why custom jewelry could be the perfect gift for your daughter
  • Different jewelry options that are available to customize
  • Tips for customizing your jewelry

Whenever your daughter looks at her customized gift from you, she will be reminded of all the work she has done to arrive where she is today along with the people who helped her get there.

Why Custom Jewelry is the Best Choice

custom jewelry pittsburgh rings

It can be hard to put words to feelings. Not even the most eloquent, well-meaning words in the English dictionary can describe the pride and joy you must feel for your daughter. These feelings will probably stick with you long after your daughter has graduated and started her career.

So, how do you express all of this, and more, to your daughter?
Custom jewelry has the unique ability to serve as both elegant accessories and meaningful items that are to be treasured for a lifetime. Every time your daughter looks at her gift, she will reflect back on all of her accomplishments and the role you played in helping her achieve each one. Designing custom jewelry for her is like putting a piece of yourself in a gift that will last for years.  

Different Types of Jewelry You Can Customize

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You can create customized rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, pendants, and more! Depending on what piece you choose you customize, you will likely be able to choose the metal, design, and any charms or gems you want to add to it.


The most common type of ring purchase for graduates is, unsurprisingly, a class ring. They’re pretty easy to customize too. You can add an engraving of their name, and maybe a short message congratulating them for their accomplishments, the year of their commencement, and a stone that matches their school’s color. For a long-lasting ring that will age well, opt for gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel for the band. These metals require little maintenance and are good at resisting tarnishing.

If class rings aren’t her thing, you could also design a simple ring with her birthstone embedded in it. You can still engrave her name along with a short message on the band, it just won’t have the school name on it as a normal class ring would.


custom necklace graduation

Nameplate necklaces are popular customization options. The name is usually printed on a band or sculpted into cursive letters. Again, you don’t necessarily have to go the traditional route when customizing your daughter’s necklace. You can choose custom charms or pendants to hang onto the necklace instead. If you want to stick to the graduation theme, obvious choices for charms would be a graduation cap or a set of books labeled with her graduation year. Hearts, keys, and stars are also popular options.

You can also choose what type of metal you would like the chain to be. The most common types of metals used are silver, gold, base metal, platinum, and titanium.


For bracelets, you will want to take the shape and design of the cuff into consideration. Some people opt for a simple bangle, others a delicate chain. A thick, wide band is also an option. You can engrave a personal message, her graduation date, or her initials into the brand of the bracelet. Personal charms can also be added. Silver, gold, and stainless steel are popular metal options for bracelets.

Keep This in Mind When Customizing Your Jewelry

brunette girl in graduation regalia standing next to boy
And here is our favorite graduate!

You, of course, want to keep your daughter’s personal sense of fashion in mind when designing your piece. It should reflect her interests and values, while also being able to withstand time and changing trends.

Depending on how elaborate your design is, the piece will be more expensive than a non-customized piece of jewelry. It will also take some time for the jeweler to sculpt the exact piece what you want. However, after all of the work is done, there will be nothing more rewarding when you see your daughter’s face light up when she opens her gift.

For more information on designing custom jewelry in Pittsburgh, contact Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs.