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Choosing the Right Wedding Band Based on Your Profession

Custom Wedding Bands Solutions Based on Your Profession

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
April 22, 2020

Wedding bands are an important symbol of commitment to your marriage. For this reason, they are one of the most iconic and enduring symbols of love. However, people who work with their hands or in certain industries know that wearing a wedding band is sometimes not allowed, not recommended, or even dangerous.

At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs, we create custom wedding bands made for your unique love and lifestyle, which is why we’re here to help people who work in certain industries find the wedding band solution that works for them, as well as provide tips for taking care of your wedding band for years to come.

Which industries should be mindful of wedding band choices?

Choose the Right Design for Custom Wedding Bands if You Work in These Industries

Which band is right for you

We all take off our wedding bands from time to time — to do dishes, while gardening, or while working.  However, each time we take off our wedding bands, we risk losing them or breaking them. When you spend money on custom wedding bands to symbolize your love, losing your band is the worst-case scenario.

Not only can people in different industries damage or break their wedding bands easily, but keeping your wedding band on in some industries can be potentially harmful. While foregoing a wedding band isn’t an option, people in the following industries must be mindful of their options:

  • Mechanics: Mechanics not only spend the day getting their hands dirty and using power tools, but they are in contact with liquids that are potentially corrosive to their expensive wedding bands.
  • Construction Workers: Working with power tools, welding, and carpentry isn’t a great combination for wearing a wedding band because the band can easily get caught on the machinery.
  • Electricians:  While this should be self-explanatory, it’s not a good idea to wear a metal band on your finger when working near live electrical currents.
  • First Responders: EMTs, firefighters, and police officers should be mindful of the fast-paced nature of their job. If their ring falls off during a high-stress situation, it can be extremely difficult to recover.
  • Estheticians & Therapists: If you work in an industry where you are hands-on with clients and patients, a wedding band could easily cut or scratch your client’s skin.

However, just because you can’t wear your wedding band during work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. It’s all about choosing the right material and solution for you —  which we’ll dive into next.

Choosing a Material for Custom Wedding Bands

Picking a Metal that’s Right for Your Lifestyle

Choosing a material

Your profession isn’t the only indicator of your choice in a wedding band. If you’re someone who tends to break pieces of clothing and jewelry or plays a lot of sports, it’s a good idea to choose a sturdy metal for your custom wedding bands. Here are some recommendations:

  • Platinum: durable and lustrous, but expensive
  • Palladium: durable, but rare and difficult to find
  • Titanium: extremely durable and scratch-resistant but difficult to resize
  • Cobalt: extremely durable and scratch-resistant but difficult to resize
  • Carbon Fiber: extremely durable but difficult to resize

Choosing a durable wedding band is great for people who have a tendency to break things. However,  that only solves half of the issue — what about people who cannot wear a metal ring while working?

We recommend not only investing in a custom wedding band — one that’s perfect for everyday use, special occasions, and carries sentimental meaning — but also trying a silicone ring. These rings are designed for safety and those in professions that don’t allow for rings to be worn.

However, it’s important to note that a silicone ring isn’t a replacement for the real thing. This way you have a ring for work and the rest of your life, both of which symbolize your dedication to your spouse.

Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Band Safe

If You’re Worried About Losing Your Wedding Band, Try Out These Tips

Keeping it safe

While we don’t mean to call out the men in our lives, we’ve seen patterns in men struggling to keep track of their wedding bands. We don’t blame them — they haven’t spent their lives worrying about earrings, rings, and bracelets while on the go. Instead of throwing their wedding band in a pocket or at the bottom of a gym bag when they need to take it off, consider purchasing a locking carabiner for his keys. This way he can put his ring somewhere safe for when he can wear it again.

Additionally, we recommend putting a small dish next to your sinks — in the bathroom and kitchen — for jewelry. This ensures that rings don’t get left on the counter or knocked on the floor and gives you a simple first place to look if your ring is missing.

Think it’s time to create custom wedding bands that are right for your lifestyle? Get in touch with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs to get started.