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Celebrate Spring with these Nature-Inspired Jewelry Trends and Ideas

Nature-Inspired Jewelry Ideas from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
March 11, 2020

Despite being a major city, Pittsburgh is not far from the best parts of nature. With impressive inner-city parks, woods and rural areas just a few minutes outside the city, and three rivers flowing right through the middle, Pittsburgh isn’t as out of touch with nature as many major cities.

Because the things we do and the way we dress is often inspired by the world around us, it’s no surprise that many people turn to nature to inspire custom jewelry. Pittsburgh jewelry designer Lisa Marie Kotchey is no different, often calling upon the wild to inspire unique pieces for her clients. How can you use nature to inspire your jewelry design choices? The leader in custom Jewelry Pittsburgh is here to break down 5 perfect pieces of design inspiration.

Nature-Inspired Stones and Gems

Using Natural Stones when Creating Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

three blue and green rings

One of the best ways to incorporate the beauty of nature into your designs is through the strategic use of color. According to the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh, there are a number of stones that help bring a natural, earthy feel into your design in an effortless way. Peridot and emerald — the birthstones of August and May, respectively — are both perfect for bringing in natural green color to your design. While peridot is a lighter green color than emerald, it is great for creating a brilliant-cut and adding a simple green touch to your jewelry.

In addition to using green gemstones in your jewelry design, another great way to design nature-inspired custom jewelry is by utilizing other spring birthstones. Aquamarine is light blue in color and is the birthstone of March, perfect for bringing in inspiration from the sea and sky. Additionally, you can never go wrong with a diamond — the birthstone of April — for adding sparkle into a natural design and enhancing the beauty and brilliance of sunlight.

Spiral and Floral Shapes

Custom Jewelry Inspired by Nature (and Math?)

custom jewlery multiple stones

The leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh frequently gets requests to create jewelry inspired by a favorite flower, but many people still want the piece to look and feel like jewelry. Rather than creating a flower itself on the jewelry, jewelry designers will often pull inspiration from a flower, leaf, or another part of nature to create a stunning piece. 

Shapes that occur frequently in nature include the spiral and a radiating circle, like flowers and seashells. These shapes are reflections of a mathematical pattern known as the Fibonacci sequence — or the sequence of numbers that is made from adding together the two previous numbers in the sequence. The Fibonacci sequence occurs in a number of places in nature, which is why many pieces of jewelry inspired by nature include a circular shape with radiating spokes, spirals, and more. Pictured above is a great display of how a custom jewelry designer would create a floral-like pattern without making a piece seem cheap or juvenile.

Choose Gold-Toned Metals

The Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh Recommends Gold Over Silver Tones

diamond and emerald ring

When designing jewelry inspired by nature, the leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh recommends choosing gold-tone metals over silver tones. Gold and bronze-colored metals — even when just a tinted metal alloy — add an effortlessly natural feel to your jewelry, especially when the metal is designed to be slightly dull.  Gold tones occur naturally in sunsets, leaves, flowers, and more, but silver tones are often difficult to find in nature. In other words, choosing a gold-tone will often create a more cohesive look for your custom jewelry design.

Vine Rings and Earrings

Create Jewelry Inspired by the Shapes of Leaves and Vines

Vine Jewlery
Source: darethcolburn

In addition to creating jewelry inspired by flowers and spirals that occur in nature, there are a number of other great ways to incorporate natural shapes into your design. A major trend in jewelry right now is the use of the vine shape in rings, necklaces, earrings, hairpieces, and more.

Vine-shaped jewelry is the perfect choice for a piece of jewelry because it can be made to be as realistic or abstract as you’d like. These shapes add a surplus of visual interest into your jewelry which looks expensive (but doesn’t have to be if you choose the right materials). Adding a feminine and dainty touch to your favorite looks, vine jewelry is a great choice for anyone looking for the perfect jewelry inspired by nature. 

For the Gentlemen: Damascus Steel

Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh with a Unique Outdoorsman Appeal

Damascus Steel Jewlery
Source mokume

Damascus steel is a special type of steel made with a unique forging process. The process creates a metal that looks like the natural grain of wood, making it the perfect option for men looking for a durable and rugged design for a wedding band.

The leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh knows how important it is to retain a sense of personality and individuality in your wedding band and other jewelry, which is why a Damascus steel ring is a great choice for many men.

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