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Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Custom Jewelry

Show Your Appreciation for Your Dad by Giving Him Custom Jewelry Designed in Pittsburgh for His Gift This Year

Father’s Day is coming up, which means that you’ve probably already started looking for the perfect gift to give your dad. But if you haven’t, here’s your reminder that it is coming up on Sunday, June 16th this year!

People usually give their dads gifts such as a razor or bottle of cologne. But if you are looking for something new to give him, consider surprising him by designing a piece of custom jewelry from Pittsburgh. Once you’ve created the perfect piece to match his style and taste, don’t forget to plan out a special day filled with fun activities for him.

In this article, we will be giving you tips and information on:

  • Popular jewelry items for men
  • Designing your jewelry gift to keep it special and personal
  • Fun activities you can plan for the day
  • Father’s Day events in Pittsburgh you can take the whole family to

Most Popular Jewelry Items Bought For or By Men

While it is more common to associate jewelry shopping with women, there are many stores that also offer jewelry designed for men. The most popular pieces they offer for men include:

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants, such as a cross
  • Chains
  • Watches

These pieces usually have heavier bands and are simpler in design compared to traditional women’s jewelry. That being said, there are no strict rules allowing or preventing certain pieces to be bought for a man or a woman. The ones listed above are simply the most commonly bought by or for men. The same idea applies to the designs as well.

Jewelry sales for men might even continue to increase this year, as Prince Harry was just spotted wearing a patterned bangle along with a beaded bracelet on his right wrist when he introduced his son, Archie, to the public at Windsor Castle. These bracelets hold sentimental value for the prince, as he bought them after Princess Diana’s death.

That’s part of what makes jewelry such a great gift—it is both long-lasting and meaningful to the owner. Plus, it can be worn every day. No matter where your dad goes, he’ll be reminded of the appreciation and love that you hold for him.

How to Design a Piece of Jewelry That Your Dad Will Want to Wear Every Day

The nice thing about custom jewelry is that you can make it exactly how you like it. You don’t have to compromise on designs or styles. Plus, a professional jeweler is usually there to assist you and help you along the way.

If you’re stuck on where to start, here are some ideas you can look through for inspiration!

Choosing a Metal

If you are buying your dad a bracelet or ring, start by thinking about what kind of band will be best-suited for him. If he has a blue collar job, aim for steel, titanium, or tungsten, while avoiding sterling silver. But if he doesn’t work with his hands as much, you have more flexibility in terms of choosing a metal.

Remember that your options include:

  • White, yellow, or rose gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Stainless steel
  • Sterling silver

Leather is also a popular option for bracelets.

Adding a Personal Touch

Whether you want to add a pendant to a chain or an engraving of your name inside a watch, there are a variety of ways that you can personalize your gift.  

If your dad is a no-frills kind of guy, consider going for a thin, black leather bracelet with a silver piece of metal for engraving. A thin chain with a simple, gold pendant always looks nice too.

If he is more trendy, don’t be afraid to go for a thick, silver watch embezzled with crystal diamond or a necklace with a large pendant such as a dog tag or cross. If your dad puts a lot of sentimental value into gifts, don’t forget to add a little engravement. It could be a short note or even just your initials.

At the end of the day, you know your dad’s personal taste and style best, so don’t be afraid to trust your gut when it comes down to deciding on the final details.

Fun Activities to Plan For Father’s Day

Still trying to come up with plans for Father’s Day? Look no further; we’ve assembled a list of activities your dad will love.

  • Taste different wines and beers at a local tasting event
  • Visit a car show
  • Go on a spa day (women aren’t the only ones who are allowed to pamper themselves)
  • Take him to a baseball game
  • Visit your local museum
  • Challenge him to a go-kart race
  • Spend the day watching movies
  • Go to an outdoor restaurant and bar

Father’s Day Events in Pittsburgh That You Need to Check Out

Check out these events being held in Pittsburgh during or in honor of Father’s Day. There’s something for everyone in this selection! Keep in mind that some of these events require you to purchase tickets for them beforehand.

For more information on services offering custom jewelry in Pittsburgh, get in touch with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. We’ll help you craft jewelry your father with love forever.