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Answering the Most Common Questions About Ring Resizing

Find out everything you need to know about resizing a ring from your local jeweler in Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
March 8, 2022

Are you in need of a ring resizing? If the ring you currently have isn’t the right size, then you’ve made it to the right place. Ring resizing is a common practice, but most people are not sure how the process works or where to start. That’s why your local jeweler in Pittsburgh, Lisa Marie Kotchey, is here to guide you through the process from start to finish. Before you head to the jewelry designer, keep reading to learn about the ring resizing process.

What is Ring Resizing?

Before you consult a jeweler in Pittsburgh, you should read up on how ring resizing works

Jewelry consultation at Lisa Marie Kotchey Design
An expert jeweler will have no problem resizing your ring.

When a ring does not fit your finger properly, then you will need to get the ring resized if you want to wear it on the appropriate finger. Depending on the fit of the ring, resizing can be minute or can alter the ring by several sizes. It doesn't matter what kind of metal the right band is, all kinds are able to be resized including gold, platinum, and titanium. 

Resizing can refer to either widening or or narrowing the band of your ring. Your local jeweler in Pittsburgh will either resize your ring by hand or by using a machine. Because of the amount of labor and expertise required, it is more expensive for a jeweler to resize your ring by hand. Resizing a ring by hand produces a more exact fit on your finger as opposed to machine resizing. 

Before the process begins, you will take your ring to your jeweler in Pittsburgh who will take several measurements and determine exactly how the ring needs to be adjusted.

What is the Process of Resizing a Ring to Make it Larger?

After your jeweler in Pittsburgh takes your measurements, they will decide whether the band needs to be expanded

ring sizing at jewelry store
The first thing your jeweler will do is take several measurements of your finger and ring.

There are two ways that a jeweler will resize your ring to make it larger — by adding new metal to the band or by carefully stretching the existing band. Let’s take a look at how both of these methods work. 

Adding New Metal

In order to add new metal and resize your band, your jeweler in Pittsburgh will have to cut the ring band. Then in place of the cut they will add a bridge made out of the same metal to expand the ring to your desired size. The band itself will need to be pulled apart slightly to accommodate the bridge piece, which increases the size.


Stretching your ring band is another viable option for increasing the size. To stretch the ring, your jeweler will pull on either side of the band. Though this is an effective method for making your ring larger, there is risk involved. As the ring is stretched, the metal becomes weaker. On the other hand, it is cheaper for a jeweler to stretch your ring, so if cost is a concern it may be the more favorable option.

What is the Process of Resizing a Ring to Make it Smaller?

Shrinking your ring size is often more complicated than expanding a ring

ring sizing measurement
Your jeweler will determine the best way to adjust your ring size.

Unlike the process resizing a ring to make it larger, there is only one way to make a ring smaller. To shrink the ring size, your jeweler in Pittsburgh will have to cut the ring band and then solder the two ends together. If this is a ring that is made out of precious metals or stones, then you definitely want to seek out an expert jeweler for the job. 

If your ring is only slightly too big, then you may want to opt for a ring overlay to help offset the sizing difference. An overlay is an inexpensive solution that can correct minor sizing issues and help your ring stay secure on your finger. 

What to Do After Your Ring is Resized

After your ring is successfully resized by your jeweler in Pittsburgh, there are a few things to be aware of

trying on ring in the kitchen
It’s never a bad idea to make sure all parts of your ring are secure after your resizing.

Once your ring has been resized, it is always a good idea to make sure the fit is perfect and the job is free of any imperfections or weak spots. Resizing can take a toll on your ring, so you should test all of the stones to make sure they are secure, just in case. You should also make sure that the altered areas of the band are sturdy after resizing. Once you’ve inspected your resized ring and everything is good to go, the resizing process is complete. 

If you have further questions about the ring resizing process, you can always ask your local jeweler in Pittsburgh for help. The team at Lisa Marie Kotchey Design are experts in all aspects of jewelry design, selection, resizing,  and protection. If you’re searching for a jeweler to resize your ring, Lisa Marie Kotchey will assist you in every step of the process. Contact us today to get started selecting or designing the perfect engagement ring.