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A Jewelry-Lover’s Guide to Mixing Metals

Tips on Mixing Jewelry Metals from the Leader in Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
September 18, 2019

Chances are that you’ve been warned against mixing the metals of your jewelry, causing you to spend too much time obsessing over whether or not your jewelry ‘matches.’ Wearing gold and silver shades of metal together was once regarded as the ultimate fashion faux-pas. The basis of this notion is unknown but is likely based on matching jewelry as a sign of wealth.

However, the rising price of gold over time has led people to want to choose more cost-effective metals while wanting to show off their favorite pieces. What emerged is the trend of mixing jewelry metals with intentionality and style in mind, allowing you to show off your favorite pieces even if they don’t match.

You may be wondering -- how can I pull off this intricate trend? Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - a leader in custom jewelry Pittsburgh - is here to break down the different types of jewelry metal and tips for mixing metals for a put-together, complex look.

Know Your Metal Shades

Choosing Metal Colors for Your Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

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The color of the metal in your jewelry is based on the type of metal or metal alloy that is used on its creation. While we’re all familiar with silver and gold, different shades of each metal can be made by mixing in additional elements for tinting. These alloys affect the purity of your metal and change the price, allowing you to achieve the same look without breaking the bank. Achieving each desired shade can be done with the following metals:

  • White or ’Silver’ Metals: sterling silver, white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium
  • Yellow or ’Gold’ Metals: 24k gold, yellow gold, and a variety of gold alloys
  • Others: rose gold, carbon fiber, green gold

When designing custom jewelry in Pittsburgh, your jeweler will help you pick the metal that fits your design and budget, helping you create a piece of jewelry that you’ll love and cherish for years.

Should Certain Jewelry Pieces Always be a Certain Color?

Traditions to Consider When Designing Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

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The trend of mixing metals opens the door for jewelry designers to explore new colors and designs in their work. However, this raises the question as to whether certain jewelry pieces should be designed with tradition in mind or if it’s customary for certain pieces to be a specific color. 

Recently, a tradition has emerged for engagement rings to be made with platinum metal: a lustrous white metal. Typically, the subsequent wedding band will be made in the same metal as the engagement ring because they are worn side-by-side. However, new trends in engagement ring stones, cuts, and metals have allowed couples to make choices more aligned with their personal styles outside of this tradition, opening doors for designers of custom jewelry Pittsburgh.

Otherwise, the only main trend to keep in mind is traditional anniversary gifts. The 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries call for silver and gold gifts, respectively. If you’re a couple that likes too stick with traditional anniversary gifts, it’s important to keep these guidelines in mind for milestone anniversaries.

3 Tips for Mixing Jewelry Metals from the Leader of Custom Jewelry Pittsburgh

Custom Bridge Piece

Find a Bridge Piece

A bridge piece is a perfect way to mix metals while retaining an intentional, put-together look. A bridge piece ‘bridges’ the divide between white and yellow metals by including two (or sometimes more) metal shade in its design. This is common in watches and thicker chains and is the perfect way to introduce the layering of mixed metals into your look. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to invest in a mixed-metal piece for each major jewelry region: wrist, neck, and ears. This gives you the freedom to wear your favorite pieces all at once.

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Learn How to Stack

Jewelry stacking is one of the biggest trends in jewelry and flows perfectly with the rise of mixed-metal designs. Jewelry experts know how to stack rings and bracelets as well as layer necklaces for a put-together yet effortless look. When designing custom jewelry in Pittsburgh, mention to your jeweler your desire to stack your pieces. This will help your jeweler ask the necessary questions for sizing and bandwidth for each piece you design.

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Pay Attention to Ratios

Mixing jewelry opens the door to pair your favorite pieces, but it’s key to pay attention to the ratios you use. You don’t always have to create a 50/50 blend of your metals; simply sprinkling in a piece or two of an extra color can add interest and style to your look. Additionally, pay attention to the widths of your chains and jewelry textures to create an incredible layered look.

Think it’s time to experiment with mixed-metal jewelry? Get in touch with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs today to start creating the perfect bridge piece or complementary piece of jewelry for your collection.