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9 Bridesmaids Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Love

When Shopping for Pittsburgh Wedding Bands, Be Sure to Snag these Thoughtful Gifts for Your Bridal Party

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
August 21, 2019

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life: a day you’ve been dreaming about for years, creating the perfect picture in your mind of what the day will be like. Not only do you finally commit yourself to the love of your life, but you get to do so surrounded by the friends and family who you love so much. Standing by your side are your best girlfriends - sisters, cousins, best friends, and more - who are there to support and celebrate with you as you enter into life’s new journey. To thank them for their support, you want to give your bridesmaids special gifts that commemorate the beautiful friendship you have formed and the love you are celebrating. That’s why Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - a Leader in Pittsburgh Wedding Bands - is here to break down the best gifts for your bridal party during every step of your wedding journey. We’ll break down great gifts for:

  • ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Packages
  • Bachelorette Party Bags,
  • The Day of Your Wedding

‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Gifts

Once the Ring is On Your Finger, Assemble Your Bride Tribe with these Sweet Bridesmaids Request Gifts

In the age of social media, bridesmaid requests are seldom a simple question. Brides are doing it up for their weddings the make it the perfect day, and often spare little expense when it comes to crafting Instagram-worthy bridesmaid requests. A great way to make your bridesmaids feel important and loved is by creating ‘Will Your Be My Bridesmaid?’ Packages. These often include a simple gift and a quippy line like “I can’t say ‘I do’ without you; will you be my bridesmaid?”

In addition to fun quotes, some great gifts to include when asking your favorite girls to join you on your wedding day include:

Custom Card
Source: etsy
  • Custom Bracelet: The perfect way to ask your bridesmaids to join your wedding party is with a simple piece of jewelry. Frequently brides add a personalized note while asking a friend to be a bridesmaid. Attach to this a custom bracelet - purchased as the same place you purchase your Pittsburgh wedding bands - that your bridesmaids can wear until the wedding and long after the special day.
custom box
Source: etsy
  • Mini Spa Kit: The perfect affordable gift for this stage of the game is a mini spa kit. Packed with lotions, nail kits, and skin treatments, your bridesmaids can develop a beauty ritual for the big day where you will all be glowing.
Mini Champagne
  • Bottle of Champagne: If you’re the celebrating type, the perfect gift could include a bottle of champagne with a custom label. These labels can either be made at home or ordered from Etsy, making the perfect keepsake that kicks off the celebration.

Gifts for the Bachelorette Party

Once Pittsburgh Wedding Bands are Purchased and Preparations are In Place, Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party with these Great Gifts

It’s time for one last hoorah and an unmarried woman! Surrounded by your best girls, you’ll experience a weekend of fun with the help of these thoughtful gifts:

Maid of Honor Flask
Source: etsy
  • Engraved Flask: As the celebrations commence, gift your bridal party with an engraved flask filled with their favorite liquor. This tiny customized flask will be your bridesmaids’ favorite gift ‘to have and to hold’ the entire bachelorette weekend.
  • Custom Necklace: A great gift to kick off a bachelorette weekend is a custom necklace from Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. Also specializing in custom Pittsburgh wedding bands and accessories for the groomsmen, Lisa can help design cost-effective and stunning necklaces for your bride tribe.
Candle Making
Source: thecandlelab
  • Wedding Candle: Everyone loves candles. Bringing cozy vibes and relaxing scents to the end of your bachelorette party, a candle that captures the essence of your wedding is the perfect gift. Can’t find the perfect scent for your bridesmaids? Make a stop at the Candle Lab during your bachelorette party to make one for yourself.

Before the Wedding

Before Saying ‘I Do’ with Pittsburgh Wedding Bands, Make the Bridal Suite a More Beautiful with the Great Bridesmaids Gifts

The bridal party is there to make sure every aspect of the bride’s look is perfect before she walks down the aisle. As the group of girls who get ready - completing hair and makeup and putting on beautiful dresses - together, your bridesmaids will love these day-of gifts to top off their looks:

Bridal Party
Source: etsy
  • Bridal Suite Robes: Great to wear during preparations to avoid stains and to ensure your hair and makeup remain pristine, bridal suite robes are the perfect gift for your favorite girls. Comfortable and a little sexy, these robes make for great wedding photos and can be used long after your big day.
  • New Lipstick: A great way to finish off your bridesmaids’ looks on your big day is with the perfect shade of lipstick to complement their dresses. Snag your favorite shade from Ulta, Sephora, or a drug store before the big day, gifting each bridesmaid with a beautiful, cohesive lip color that they’ll enjoy long after the wedding.
drop earrings
  • Custom earrings: The perfect finishing touch to your bridal party’s look is a pair of custom earrings. Purchase custom earring while picking up your Pittsburgh wedding bands from Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs for a stunning piece of jewelry that match the vibe of your wedding perfectly.

Ready to show your bride tribe a perfect experience as your bridesmaids? Get in touch with Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs for the perfect gifts for your favorite girls on your special day.