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7 Romantic Spots in Pittsburgh That Are Perfect for Popping the Question

Starting to look at engagement rings? Pittsburgh jeweler Lisa Kotchey helps you take it to the next level with these gorgeous proposal locations.

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
November 20, 2020

Finding that special someone who understands you and shares the same ideals as you can be life-changing. Once you find that person, you’ll never want to let them go. 

If marriage is on your mind, then you should start looking for the right place to pop the big question. You’ll be telling the story of your engagement for years to come, so make sure you choose a place that’s special to both of you. As Yinzers, there are probably a number of places that hold a special place in your hearts. Location and scenery are also key factors, so make sure you choose a place that can act as a gorgeous background for photos.

Having trouble finding the perfect place to pop the big question? No worries. Lisa Kotchey, the leading designer of custom engagement rings in Pittsburgh, is here to help. Check out our 7 favorite places in Pittsburgh for wedding proposals now!  

1. Point State Park

Popular park in Pittsburgh located at the tip of the city’s “Golden Triangle”

point state park fountain
Image courtesy of Dave DiCello

Located at the confluence of Pittsburgh’s famous three rivers, Point State Park is a popular destination for proposals. With its gorgeous views of Downtown Pittsburgh and alluring fountain, it’s no wonder that so many couples get engaged here. The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year, making it easy to plan a proposal at your park that accommodates your schedule. 

2. Lumaze Pittsburgh

Indoor Christmas festival in Pittsburgh known for its live music, vendors, and food trucks

christmas lights and decorations at lumaze pittsburgh
Image courtesy of Thrifty NW Mom

If neither of you is particularly interested or excited about the outdoors, you can visit Lamaze. Lamaze is a popular indoor Christmas festival that comes to Pittsburgh every year. This family-friendly show features interactive light gardens, savory food and drinks, and live entertainment. 

As you walk through the festival, you can find a gorgeous light garden to pop the big question. Local artisans and vendors also set up shop at this popular Christmas festival, making it the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and purchase Christmas gifts for the family. 

3. Laurel Highlands

Stunning region in Southwestern PA that is home to breathtaking parks and trails

people skiing at seven springs mountain resort
Image courtesy of Go Laurel Highlands

On the other hand, if you and your partner can’t get enough of the great outdoors, the Laurel Highlands is the perfect place to plan a proposal. The Laurel Highlands is home to a number of gorgeous parks, mountains, outdoor recreation venues, and winter resorts. 

If you want to make a whole weekend of your engagement, you can plan a fun getaway here. Whether you plan to ask the question after conquering a steep ski hill or propose on a horse-drawn carriage, you can easily plan an unforgettable proposal in the Lauren Highlands.  

4. Mount Washington

Charming neighborhood that offers some of the best views of Downtown Pittsburgh

view of downtown pittsburgh from mt. washington incline
Image courtesy of TripSavvy

Mount Washington is another popular destination in Pittsburgh for proposals. Most Yinzers have been to Mount Washington at least once, so it’s a great spot for people who want to propose someplace special. Not only does Mount Washington offer breathtaking views of the city, but it also offers a wide selection of restaurants. You could treat your partner to a romantic dinner before taking them outside and proposing on the overlook. 

5. Carnegie Museum of Art

Ready to break out the Engagement Ring? Pittsburgh Museums Might be the Perfect Place

room full of greek statues in the carnegie museum of art
Image courtesy of Discover the Burgh

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh winters can get pretty brutal. So if you’d rather stay out of the cold, you might like the idea of proposing at the Carnegie Museum of Art. This historic museum is home to stunning and innovative works of art. 

Whether your partner is a knowledgable art junkie or just enjoys visiting cultural sites, they will love going on a “casual date” with you to the Carnegie Museum of Art. As you walk through the museum and admire its art on-display, you can search for the perfect place to pop the big question. 

6. The Cathedral of Learning

Gothic cathedral in Oakland that has served as a PGH landmark for decades

inside the cathedral of learning
Image courtesy of Christian World Traveler

The Cathedral of Learning is another popular destination for getting engaged. University of Pittsburgh alumni, in particular, gravitate toward the Cathedral for engagement shoots. While it might seem a little on the nose to propose to your partner at the university where you met, it’s still pretty romantic. Maybe you’ll even get to propose in a room where you took the same class together! 

7. Your House

Sometimes, home is the best place to pop the big question

homes on mount washington

Due to the pandemic, most people are going to stay home as much as possible this winter. If you’re hesitant to propose at an indoor venue or you don’t want to propose outside in the cold, your house can be a suitable alternative. Before popping the question, make sure you spruce up the home a bit. You could decorate a room with photos from past dates and add some nice bouquets to help keep the mood romantic. 

If you haven’t already started looking at different engagement rings, Pittsburgh jewelry designer Lisa Kotchey is ready to assist you. Since 1984, she has provided unparalleled ring designs and services to happy couples around Pittsburgh. Contact the team today to start designing a stunning engagement ring you’ll cherish forever.