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7 of the Most Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh

Grab your dress and wedding bands -- Pittsburgh’s best outdoor venues are waiting for you!

Pittsburgh has plenty of amazing views, which are perfect for an outdoor wedding. There are options for every kind of couple and wedding theme. Designing suitable wedding bands for a Pittsburgh couple means we as jewelers have the opportunity to brighten up the couple’s special day even more. We’ve compiled a list of 7 wedding venues in the Pittsburgh area that will blow away you and your guests. With a touching ceremony, gorgeous decorations, and meaningful wedding bands, your wedding day will be a memory that will last a lifetime. 

7 Outdoor Venues in Pittsburgh You’ll LOVE

Exchange Vows, Weddings Bands, and Love at these Pittsburgh Venues

  1. RiverFront Weddings
wedding party
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine.

Cost: $$

Number of Guests: You’ll be able to have a guest list of up to 300 people or take a more intimate route and hold the wedding ceremony on a dock with up to 50 of your guests.

Location: This modern and industrial wedding venue is nothing short of stunning. The RiverFront Weddings venue is a clean space with minimal design, plenty of natural scenery, and it’s technically a public park. Now that might sound like children will be playing at a playground right next to you and your partner while reciting vows and exchanging wedding bands in Pittsburgh, but that won’t be happening. It means that you’ll have an extreme amount of greenery and areas to choose from for your wedding. It is one of the only venues directly in the city where you have so much space to decorate. 

  1. Hartwood Acres Mansion
bride and groom kissing
Image courtesy of Janae Rose Photography.

Cost: $$$

Number of Guests: This venue can accommodate up to 300 guests. 

Location: Hartwood Acres Mansion was designed in 1929 and is still one of the prettiest estates in the area. If you are looking for a fairytale theme, this mansion will sell itself to you. There is a unique open-air Grand Pavillion, formal gardens, and a picture-perfect terrace location. With countless opportunities for photo ops and outstanding Tudor architecture, the Hartwood Acres Mansion is the place for a princess and her groom to be. 

  1. The Barn at Fallingwater
fall wedding
Image courtesy of Joe Appel Photography

Cost: $$$

Number of Guests: The Barn at Fallingwater can host up to 150 guests for your special day.

Location: This wedding venue is located on the same property as the iconic Fallingwater house, which Frank Lloyd Wright designed in 1935. Wright built the home to rise above the waterfall over which it was constructed and exemplifies Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture — the harmonious union of art and nature. The Barn at Fallingwater is a fully-renovated 19th-century barn 500 yards north of the house. With the serene woodland located just 90 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, there are endless possibilities for a magical and picturesque wedding. 

  1. National Aviary
outdoor wedding ceremony
Image courtesy of Here Comes the Guide

Cost: $$

Number of Guests: The Garden Room can comfortably accommodate 200 guests. 

Location: Not only is the National Aviary America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds, but it’s also an outdoor wedding venue! The 9,000 square foot location includes access to outdoor amenities and incredible views of the garden, scenic park, and the lake. You and your guests can walk through their tropical exhibits and can even arrange special appearances from some of the wildlife. Can you imagine having a parrot or a penguin be part of your special day? Now that’s something not every couple can say they’ve done. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal event, the National Aviary will accommodate you. 

  1. Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens
Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens wedding venue
Image courtesy of Wedding Spot

Cost: $$$

Number of Guests: You and your 220 guests will be looking over the nature of Western Pennsylvania in the Events Center and adjoining plaza for dining, mingling, and dancing. 

Location: Tie the knot with your wedding bands designed in Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens. Their Peirce Celebration Garden features a stone wall abundant with romantic plantings. After the ceremony is over and it’s time to get the party started, you and the guests will make your way to the climate-controlled Davidson Event Center. The Event Center is a restored barn from the 1870s and has the most beautiful rustic charm. 

  1. Fagel Farms
Fagel Farms venue
Image courtesy of Wedding Wire.

Cost: $$

Number of Guests: The grounds can be rented for 1 hour or an entire weekend for you and up to 250 guests. 

Location: Fagel Farms is a family-owned farm surrounded by human-made and natural beauty. From open fields, a horse field, a creek, diverse forest, and hiking trails, this has some of the most breathtaking views in the area. It is only five miles away from Fallingwater, and Fagel Farms can adjust from formal country affairs to rustic chic weddings. The family is thrilled to assist any couple willing to make this the home of their wedding ceremony and work their magic to make the wedding of your dreams. 

  1. Slate Studio
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine

Cost: $$

Number of Guests: The location can hold 80 to 125 guests and can turn into a cocktail-hour reception or a formal sit-down dinner with larger round or wood farm tables. Although this is not an outdoor wedding venue, this is a fantastic option if you are considering a two-part wedding. There is lots of natural light to give you that outdoor feel without the risk of raining on your parade (knock on wood). Slate Studio is excellent for a more intimate setting, then you and your partner could head to an outdoor venue for the larger portion of your wedding. 

Location: Slate Studio is in the heart of the Strip District and is a “blank slate” for newlyweds. With minimal design in the venue, it allows the couple to bring their flair to the wedding. The team at Slate Studio will work with you and your partner to create whatever you want your wedding to be. If you are looking for a minimalist, glam, industrial, or rustic, Slate Studio can make it happen. 

Whether you are searching for a rustic or downtown wedding venue, Pittsburgh has an array of options. There is nothing more special than this day, and it wouldn’t be perfect without wedding bands designed right here in Pittsburgh. Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry can work with you and your partner to create custom matching wedding bands. Pittsburgh brides and grooms — contact us to get started on putting together the rings of your dreams!