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6 of the Perfect 1st Anniversary Gifts for a True Yinzer

If your significant other loves nothing more than the ‘Burgh, check out these gifts — Pittsburgh jewelry, clothes, food, and more.

A 1st anniversary can be exciting and nerve-wracking because you have to find a present with a meaning behind the physical present. Finding the gift should be a time for you to reflect on your love for your significant other and find something that represents them. For a true Yinzer, anything Pittsburgh-related is always a great route to take. It’s unique and shows that you know what they love — besides you, of course. Take a look at 6 of the ultimate 1st-anniversary gifts that are going to be a winner for your significant other. From Pittsburgh jewelry to hilarious Steel City gag gifts, there is something for every couple. 

6 Pittsburgh Themed Gifts for Your 1st Anniversary

    1. Pittsburgh Jewelry 

bracelet by Lisa Marie Kotchey
Use a local jewelry store to design a memorable gift for your 1st anniversary.

Whether your significant other has a more feminine or masculine style, you can find the right Pittsburgh-themed jewelry for them. Pittsburgh jewelry can mean it has a physical representation of the ‘Burgh on the piece, or it can also mean that the piece is designed locally. A custom-made bracelet or necklace can be a meaningful gift to show that you are putting effort into the gift and supporting a Pittsburgh business at the same time. For example, you can design a necklace with a yellow gemstone to represent Pittsburgh or create a bangle bracelet with their birthstone as the focal point.

Lisa Marie Kotchey is your go-to local jeweler for a 1st-anniversary gift. With an array of quality, custom-made bracelets and necklaces for you to choose from, our team can find you the perfect present. We can also remount or redesign a ring that has valuable meaning to your significant other. Our team can take the invaluable piece that may not be their style and design something that perfectly represents them and your relationship.

    2. Photography

Image courtesy of Dave DiCello.

Gifting an art piece that your significant other can hang up is a way for them always to remember you every time they see the artwork on their wall. There are countless talented artists in the Pittsburgh area that vary in art styles. Dave DiCello captures incredible shots of the city skyline that would look amazing in any room. He defines his style as modern, artistic, and cinematic, proven by where he is published. 

Instead of purchasing artwork from him, you can also hire him to photograph an event of yours. He labels himself as a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, but he does much more than just weddings — engagements, families, portraits, and even bands. Booking him to take photos of you and your significant other will allow you both to have photographs to remember this monumental anniversary. 

    3. Gag Gifts

Pittsburgh skyline
Image courtesy of PittsburghPottery.

Not all couples are serious about their life, which means they don’t always want serious gifts. Etsy swoops in to offer hilarious gifts that are also quite useful. Check out the list below for a few options that can be great gag gifts or cute add ons for your 1st-anniversary gift.

    4. Pittsburgh Apparel

man and woman outside in Pittsburgh
Image courtesy of Steel City.

No Yinzer is a true Yinzer until they are decked out in Pittsburgh attire. There is no such thing as having too many Pittsburgh-themed shirts or clothing items. Steel City is a local clothing company that designs Pittsburgh-themed shirts that are creative and comfortable. Whether your significant other will only wear black and yellow, or they love to spice it up, Steel City has designs to cater to both fashion styles. The Steel City company started with two teenagers madly in love and has grown to a successful married couple with a brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. You can visit them in person or shop online.

    5. Pittsburgh Sports Memorabilia 

Pens Gear storefront
Image courtesy of the NHL.

There is nothing like Pittsburgh sports merch. Sometimes sports jerseys can become pricey, so a 1st-anniversary is a perfect time to splurge on your significant other. You can shop at local sporting goods stores to support a local business while you are at it. Below are a few sports stores to grab a gift for your Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, or Pitt fan.

    6. Pittsburgh Foods

Primanti Brothers sandwich
Image courtesy of Travel + Leisure.

Gather up a few Pittsburgh-only food items to create a tour around Pittsburgh eateries. If you can not give your significant other fresh foods, create a bouquet of gift cards instead. Take a look below for a few iconic Pittsburgh restaurants and foods that anybody should include in any gift to a Yinzer.

Pittsburgh is an iconic city, and when your significant other is a Yinzer, any gift should include a Pittsburgh touch. Put thought and meaning behind your 1st-anniversary gift by designing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from a Pittsburgh business. Lisa Marie Kotchey will work with you to create a fantastic piece that represents the ‘Burgh and your relationship. This will be a piece of jewelry that your significant other cherishes for a lifetime. Contact us to get started on brainstorming for your anniversary gift.