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5 Trends in Custom Wedding Bands You’ll Love

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Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
March 13, 2019

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. From stunnings gowns, to perfect hair and makeup, to sparkling rings, you’re bound to have your work cut out for you when planning the little details of your special day. At Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - the trusted name in custom jewelry in Pittsburgh - we believe in taking the time to ensure that you don’t lose yourself or the essence of your love throughout the craziness of wedding planning -- which is why we’re here to help you create the custom wedding band that feels true to your love. We’ve outlined the 5 biggest trends in custom wedding bands so we can help you get started with crafting the custom wedding band of your dreams.

Secret Engravings

secret custom wedding ring engagements

One of the biggest trends in custom wedding bands is the secret engraving. Giving you the opportunity to put a secret message on the inside (or outside) of your ring, your wedding band can carry a deep, personalized meaning. Many couples will add their initials, weddings date, or coordinates of where they first met on the ring, but the sky is truly the limit! Brand out and add a sentimental phrase or song lyric, or - if you want to get super sentimental - a line from your vows. Your jeweler can help you decide fonts, the proper length for your engraving, and the ring type that will best compliment your sweet, private message.

Vintage Repurposing

vintage custom jewlery pittsburgh

Nothing invites your new spouse into the family quite like giving them a piece of jewelry that has been passed down through generations. However, sometimes these styles are outdated or don’t feel quite right for your husband or wife. That’s why vintage repurposing has become so popular; we all want to honor our families, but we want something that also feels new and unique. Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs - the best of the best in custom jewelry in Pittsburgh - can help you design and repurpose the vintage ring of your dreams. By repurposing metals and stones, you can design the perfect ring for your loved one that still honors the loved ones of your past.

Interlocking Rings

interlocking wedding band

You’ve seen it all over Pinterest; interlocking rings are in! Allow your wedding band to show off your engagement ring by creating an interlocking set. Creating an interlocking set takes a bit of extra planning, but your custom jeweler will look forward to the challenge of creating a breathtaking wedding bands that compliments your engagement ring. Available in a variety of styles, interlocking bands can include stone cutouts, unique twisting of the bands, and double-band styles, all of which feel thought-out and personalized: two perfect characteristics for creating a ring design as strong as your love.

Get Colorful

colorful wedding band custom jewelry pittsburgh

If you have an eye for the unique, colorful stones may be the answer to your prayers. Adding unique flair to the traditional wedding band, colorful gemstones can make even the most simple and elegant band and engagement ring combination feel like a piece of art. With a variety of unique gemstones on the market - each supplying their own significance. Some great options include placing a gemstone that corresponds to the month of your wedding into the band, adding your favorite color, or incorporating the colors of your wedding into the stones. Your jeweler will be able to help you find the right gemstone that fits your personality, price point, and design, bringing a unique sense of artistry into your new favorite piece of jewelry.

Match Perfectly with Your Spouse

perfect match wedding bands custom jewelry

Your wedding band is a symbol of eternal togetherness with your spouse. Designed to be worn on your ring finger (which for centuries was believed to contain the “vena amoris,” or a vein that carries blood to the heart in the shortest route possible), some people want to create a custom wedding band that coordinates with their spouse’s ring in some way. After all, your love and your marriage is incomplete and meaningless without your better half. There are a variety of ways to create a matching ring with your spouse, including side band cutouts, matching metals, and more. Your jeweler will help you find a creative way to create a pair of weddings bands that feels unique to your love.

Weddings bands, though tiny, are a vital piece of your wedding day and an eternal testament to your love. Don’t trust big jewelry stores to provide you with jewelry that captures the essence of your loved one. Shop small and family-owned at Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs. Lisa Marie Kotchey Designs will take the time to get to know you and your loved one, listen to your dreams for your wedding bands, and work with you to create one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry you will ever own. Get in contact with the most trusted maker of custom jewelry in Pittsburgh today to get started on creating the custom wedding bands of your dreams.