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5 Tips to Pick a Wedding Band That Matches Your Engagement Ring

Tips to know how to match your wedding ring from Pittsburgh expert jeweler

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
October 19, 2021

Once you choose the perfect engagement ring for your significant other, the jewelry shopping is not over. After you have found the engagement ring of your dreams, it’s time to search for a wedding band that matches. It can become a lot more complicated than it sounds, which is why we’ve put together these tips. As Pittsburgh wedding ring experts, we know what to look for when searching for a wedding band. So whether you are on the hunt for a wedding band that is simple or unique, it’s essential to know what to look for when choosing. 

5 Tips to Pick a Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring From Wedding Ring Experts in Pittsburgh

     1. Know the Types of Wedding Bands

notched wedding band
Choose a wedding band type that fits around your engagement ring.

If you thought that the only type of band was a wedding band, then you are wrong. While searching for your wedding rings in Pittsburgh, you’ll have to know what kind of bands you and your significant other want. Most of the time, the type of band will depend on the setting of the engagement ring. Take a look at these various bands:

  • Classic wedding bands: These bands will have no gap between your two rings. You can choose from a simple and plain metal band or one that features diamonds all around. 
  • Contour wedding bands: A contour wedding band usually works best for an engagement ring that isn’t sitting high. This band will curve around your engagement ring to ensure no gap between the two. 
  • Notched wedding bands: The last option is a notched wedding band, which looks like the perfect puzzle piece to your engagement ring. 

       2. Consider a Band That Can be Worn Alone

wedding band and engagement ring on a table
Think about a wedding band that will look beautiful standing alone.

Depending on your significant other’s job or activities they enjoy, they’ll sometimes have to take off their engagement ring so it doesn’t get lost or stolen. In these situations, you’ll want to make sure that the wedding band is beautiful enough to stand alone. It can be challenging to find a piece that doesn’t overshadow the engagement ring but still looks incredible alone, but it’s something to consider. Another option is to purchase a less expensive engagement ring that looks almost the same. This way, if it is lost or stolen, it’s not a complete loss. 

        3. Stick With the Same Metal

three wedding bands resting on a countertop
Using the same metals in the engagement ring and wedding bands will create a timeless look.

Unless you are ready to make a statement, it’s best to use the same metal for the wedding band you used for the engagement ring. If your significant other is a rule-breaker who loves the look of mismatching metals, then this tip may not be for you. But if you are searching for a timeless and classic pairing, use the same metals for the two rings. 

If you are concerned about the budget and can’t afford the same metals, there is no problem with matching them to the best of your ability. For example, use white gold with sterling silver or palladium. If you include diamonds in the wedding band, make sure that you do your best to match those to the engagement ring as well. Many jewelry manufacturers offer couples a matching set so that there is no question on watch pairs best with the engagement ring.

        4. Add Personal Style

two simple wedding bands
Ensure that your wedding band matches your style.

No matter what the engagement ring or wedding band looks like, it should match your style. The most important part of both of these rings is to wear them for the rest of your life, so they better be something you love to look at forever. Consider what jewelry pieces you already own and enjoy wearing, and think about how you can incorporate that style into a wedding band. For example, maybe you lean more towards a trendy style, and you want to mix metals or the colors of stones on your rings. Or you might have a more classic style and enjoy a timeless wedding band that may even be something you want to pass down to your children one day. 

       5. Speak With a Designer

woman sitting down and sketching on an iPad
Speaking with a designer will allow you to understand what kind of ring you want.

As someone probably walking into wedding band shopping blind, it’s usually best to speak with a professional. A wedding ring designer will know exactly how to put together what you are asking for, which is probably easier than scouring various stores. If they can’t point you toward what you are dreaming of, they can design something specifically for you. Even if you aren’t searching to pay for a designer ring, their recommendations may be able to help you find something. 

The excitement and stress of finding the perfect engagement ring are over, but now it’s time to shop for wedding bands. Our expert team of wedding ring jewelers in Pittsburgh will not only allow you to find a wedding band, but you’ll be supporting a local business. So contact us to start your journey of finding wedding bands that not only match your engagement ring but also match your style.