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5 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings That Will Make a Statement

Create a unique custom Pittsburgh engagement ring with these non-traditional ring ideas.

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
September 11, 2021

If you’re searching for an engagement ring in Pittsburgh, there are countless traditional diamond wedding rings to choose from — what about something more unconventional? If your significant other is non-traditional, you should consider a ring that strays from the classic diamond ring. There are various paths to take that will make their ring a show-stopping conversation piece. Take a look at these non-traditional engagement rings to gain inspiration for starting your ring shopping journey.

5 Non-Traditional Pittsburgh Engagement Ring Ideas That Will Make a Statement

Ruby Engagement Rings

ruby engagement ring
Image courtesy of BBBGEM.

Rubies are the world’s best-known red gem and were worn in Medieval times to promote health, wealth, and wisdom. Not only are they valuable to encourage a prosperous life, but it is also extremely rare to find large, fine-quality rubies. Finding a large, fine-quality ruby for your engagement ring in Pittsburgh may be difficult, but it is definitely worth the uniqueness of a ruby engagement ring. The most expensive color of a ruby is the deep red you probably think of when you hear the name, but the stone also comes in light pink, purple, and orange-red. Not only is a ruby engagement ring beautiful, but it also has a strong meaning of wanting a solid and successful life for your significant other. 

Bend-Over Engagement Rings

bend over engagement ring
Image courtesy of Tobi Gem Setting.

Not only can you choose a ring with a different gemstone featured, but you can even find engagement rings that hold an interesting and different shape. For example, a bend-over engagement ring has a non-conventional setting with a row of diamonds that bends over the quartz center stone. It’s a fashion-forward ring for the most stylish bride you may know, adding tons of personality to the ring. Additionally, you can find bend-over rings with gold or silver bands and with different gemstones centered.

Pearl Centered Engagement Rings

pearl engagement ring
Image courtesy of National Jeweler.

Pearls are gorgeous and timeless, making them the perfect centerpiece for an engagement ring. In addition, pearls have a meaning of wisdom, integrity, and loyalty, which are all essential traits in a strong and lasting marriage. There are four main types of pearls, offering plenty of looks to choose from for your pearl engagement ring design. Although the pearl is beautiful and an incredible choice, your significant other must be cautious and take care of the ring. Pearls are extremely soft, making them prone to scratches and any other damages. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that the person you are purchasing the ring for will be careful with this beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Mixed-Metal Engagement Rings

mixed metal engagement ring
Image courtesy of Tacori.

When most people think of jewelry in general, they usually choose only to wear gold or silver for the day — which doesn’t always have to be the case. If your significant other is a rule-breaker and doesn’t like to follow the norm, consider purchasing an engagement ring with mixed metals. There may be times when mixing metals is not the best fashion statement, but your engagement ring is not one of those moments. A band with gold and silver will keep the ring feeling fresh, new, and versatile. This is also perfect for the person who loves to wear rings and stack them up because their mixed-metal engagement ring won’t get in the way of their personal style.  

Salt and Pepper Engagement Rings

salt and pepper engagement ring
Image courtesy of Alexis Russell.

If you still want a diamond in your non-traditional ring, think about choosing a salt and pepper engagement ring. Salt and pepper diamonds are one of the most interesting and unique diamonds because they are technically colorless. The diamonds include lots of grey, black, white, and other tiny specs of color that make them look “peppered” — hence the name. This is an excellent alternative for anyone who would prefer a darker engagement ring over the brightness of a regular diamond ring. A salt and pepper engagement ring is perfect for those who enjoy darker tones but may not want to commit to an entirely black or dark-colored engagement ring. It’s technically not one of the rarest of the diamonds, but you probably won’t be seeing many people with a peppered engagement ring, leaving yours a one-of-a-kind ring.

Whether you are searching for engagement rings in Pittsburgh that are traditional or out-of-the-box, we can find the perfect fit for you and your significant other. Our team can make your dreams come true, from a single diamond ring to custom-matching wedding bands. It’s important to make your significant other feel special and loved, and a unique engagement ring can make them feel that way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to start designing an engagement ring that can brighten up your and your partner’s life.