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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from a Pittsburgh Jeweler

Take advice from an expert Pittsburgh jeweler to give your #1 woman the most beautiful gift.

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
April 9, 2021

Showing your mother love every day is important, but Mother’s Day is a great day to give your mom a gift of appreciation. The right gift can mean so much to both of you! Giving your mother gift cards or something you find at the mall does not have the same feeling as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Finding something meaningful and gorgeous can sound like a challenge, but expert Pittsburgh jeweler Lisa Kotchey has gathered 5 amazing gift ideas for you to give your mother on her special day. 

5 Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts From a Skilled Pittsburgh Jeweler

  1. Custom Made Jewelry
ring with red jewels
Giving your mother a custom-made piece of jewelry will give you the control to have it exactly the way you think she would like it. 

Not only is Lisa Kotchey an expert Pittsburgh jeweler, but our team also designs custom jewelry for any occasion. With our help, you can design something for your mother that will show her how much time and effort you spent to make this gift happen for her. With an array of jewelry in many different styles, we can find something perfect for every mother! You will also receive a 1-year guarantee on all custom jewelry items. 

  1. A Piece of Jewelry With Her Birthstone
multiple different types of earrings surrounding one large ring with a blue stone
Gifting your mother a piece of jewelry with her birthstone in it is personal with a lot of tradition behind it. 

Birthstones are always a great gift idea for any holiday or occasion. They are personal and very touching! There are copious amounts of history and traditions that go along with birthstones that date back to Biblical times. Understanding what your mother’s birthstone means for her and giving her insight into its history could be a fun way to bond while giving her the gift. Another spin on birthstone jewelry could be adding the birthstones of those people close to her. Whether it is her husband, siblings, or her children -- it could be a symbol of family close to her at all times. 

  1. Lockets
hands holding a locket with a photo of a man inside
A locket is a way for your mother to have something meaningful with her at all times. It can give her a sense of comfort and happiness while allowing her to remember a special time or person in her life. 

Lockets are extremely beautiful and significant and can hold a memory that means so much to your mother near her heart. Finding the perfect locket and adding an engraving to it can take it to the next level of importance! Using a photo from her childhood, of her children, or of her parents can give her a burst of happiness every time she opens up the locket to peek inside. 

  1. Craft a Handmade Gift
balls of yarn around a piece of jewelry handmade with yarn
Taking your creativity for a ride and making jewelry of your own can be fun for you and exciting for your mother!

If you cannot afford a nice piece of jewelry quite yet, a cost-effective choice for kids is to design their own jewelry. Handmade jewelry is something that your mother will hold more value in than any kind of gift you can spend money on. If you have siblings and decide to spend time designing your own jewelry for your mom with them, it could double as a bonding experience! You could make your mother her own leather bracelets, DIY bead rings, or DIY clay earrings just to name a few ideas. Scrolling through Pinterest will give you an endless amount of options to choose from. 

  1. Restore Old or Heirloom Jewelry
person holding a ring and magnifying glass to observe the ring
Restoring old jewelry will take something that your mother already owns but does not wear or like the style of and make it brand new! 

Does your mother have jewelry she doesn’t wear anymore or has a piece of jewelry that was passed down to her but isn’t her style? Lisa Kotchey will bring the piece back to life by redesigning it into something that is aligned with your mother’s current style. As an expert Pittsburgh jeweler, Lisa will help you reuse your gold or receive credit for metal that we do not use and unset and reset diamonds and gemstones into your new piece. This takes the idea of custom jewelry up a notch because there is a part of this new piece that has a history and a personal story to your mother. 

Mother’s Day is an exceptional day to show your appreciation for all that your mom has done for you throughout the years. Whether you are putting together your own jewelry or looking to purchase something, your mother will adore the thought that went into it. As a Pittsburgh jeweler, Lisa Kotchey can design a beautiful piece for your mother to cherish for the rest of her life! Contact us to get started on finding the perfect gift for your mother.