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5 Jewelry-Worthy Life Milestones Every Gift-Giver Needs to Know

Don’t leave anyone disappointed — Expert Pittsburgh Jeweler makes sure you buy them the perfect gift for these jewelry-worth occasions.

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
September 18, 2021

Purchasing jewelry for your significant other, friend, or family member is special, so it’s not an everyday occurrence. Special milestones in life call for splurging on someone, but you need to ensure that you choose the right moments. In addition, particular life milestones specifically call for jewelry, and it could be disappointing if you miss the mark during these milestones. According to Lisa Marie Kotchey, a professional Pittsburgh jeweler, these are the milestones that are deemed jewelry-worthy. 

5 Jewelry-Worthy Life Milestones According to an Expert Pittsburgh Jeweler

     1. Giving Birth

mother and her baby wearing matching bracelets
Image courtesy of To: Little Arrows.

Having a baby is one of the most memorable milestones that a mother will experience. Giving birth is unlike anything else you and your significant other will go through, which calls for a piece of jewelry to celebrate. As a skilled Pittsburgh jeweler, Lisa Marie Kotchey recommends treating not only your significant other for giving birth but also your brand new child. There is no specific gift tied to this milestone, but a pair of matching bracelets for the mother and child can offer a unique touch and bond between them. You can even have the bracelets customized to be ingrained with a meaningful message and add in the birthstone of your child’s birth month.

     2. Engagement

man proposing to a woman overlooking the sea
Image courtesy of Islandic Art Photography Madeira.

Of course, this is one of the clearest milestones that come to mind when you imagine jewelry-worthy events but still needs to be mentioned. As the person proposing, the most critical part is to make sure you find a ring that your significant other loves enough to be worn every day. Take notice of her style and try to drop subtle hints to get an idea of what they might want in a ring. You can even reach out to people close to them to find out if they have an idea of what they might like best. Designing a custom engagement ring can be a great option because you can customize everything about it instead of settling for something already put together. 

     3. Graduation

Graduation is an impressive milestone that deserves a piece of jewelry. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s high school graduation or college graduation — they are both such significant milestones. Maybe they are graduating from a technical program or intense training. Whatever the case may be, any type of graduation calls for a particular piece of jewelry to commemorate. A ring or a necklace is probably your best option when purchasing a graduation gift, and keeping it simple is also important. For example, a simple gold necklace will be something that they can wear every day and get the most use out of — and they’ll look stylish in whatever their next endeavor is. So decide on a piece of jewelry that is timeless, simple, and meaningful. 

      4. Anniversary

Image courtesy of Jewelry Wise.

We touched on the importance of a beautiful engagement ring, but the jewelry-worthy moments do not stop there for the married couple. Did you know that every year you are married, there is a theme to go along with the type of gift you should be buying? These themes are a fun way to step outside of the box and think of something unique that you can purchase for your significant other. Not every anniversary is jewelry-themed, but a few are — take a look at the anniversaries that call for jewelry.

  • 14th anniversary — gold jewelry
  • 15th anniversary — crystal
  • 19th anniversary — jade
  • 25th anniversary — silver
  • 30th anniversary — pearls
  • 45th anniversary — sapphire
  • 50th anniversary — gold
  • 55th anniversary — emerald
  • 60th anniversary — diamond

      5. Self-Love

a ring on a pinky finger
Image courtesy of Made of Jewelry.

Many milestones can be commemorated with jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself every once in a while. If you are going through a hard time or need an extra boost of motivation, a fine piece of jewelry might be what you need. Although money can’t buy happiness and objects will not solve the hard times you are going through, having this piece of jewelry can symbolize your strength and determination to get out of whatever situation. Self-love should be celebrated, and you need to show yourself appreciation every once in a while. 

If you can’t afford to go all out on a brand new customized piece of jewelry to treat yourself with, there are other options. If you already have a piece of jewelry that you have kept for a while but don’t see yourself wearing, take it to a Pittsburgh jeweler for a redesign. You’ll have a brand new, beautiful piece that you didn’t spend a fortune on — a win-win situation. Other than redesigning a piece, you can also search around for a vintage piece of jewelry. Vintage jewelry can be exquisite and hold a lot of history. 

Buying jewelry for someone else is a meaningful way to commemorate the special moments in their lives. Whether you are planning on designing a piece from scratch or searching for something in-store, Pittsburgh jeweler Lisa Marie Kotchey will assist you in finding the perfect match. Contact our team today to get started searching for the most fitting piece of jewelry for your milestone.