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4 Heart-Warming Gifts You Can Find in Pittsburgh

Searching for the Perfect Gift in Pittsburgh? Jewelry, Scented Candles, and More Make Wonderful Holiday Presents!

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
October 7, 2020

The Holiday Season is just around the corner! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday around this year, it’s a great time to shower your loved ones with gifts they will cherish forever! But as fun as it can be to bestow lavish gifts upon your friends and family members, it can also be challenging to find new and exciting gifts for them that top the ones you purchased last year. 

That’s why we have assembled a full guide to the best gifts you can purchase for your loved ones! From streaming subscriptions to custom-made jewelry, these gifts are perfect for anyone. 

Shopping for loved ones in Pittsburgh? Jewelry, books, candles, and more exciting gifts are available throughout the city. Check out our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide now!

Want to Give Them Something Unique in Pittsburgh? Jewelry Made by You is Always a Fine Choice!

Create custom-made jewelry that your loved ones will always hold close to them

silver ring

If you want to give your loved one something classy and unique, you can create a custom piece of jewelry just for them! One of the great things about jewelry is how versatile is it. You can customize a number of different pieces, including: 

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Earrings

By working with a professional jewelry designer, you can bring your unique vision to life. Maybe you want to create a delicate set of earrings that feature garnet stones. Or you want to build a bold ring that matches your loved one’s vibrant and trendy sense of fashion. If you feel like you don’t have an eye for design or you lack basic design skills, don’t worry! That’s what your professional jeweler is for. 

When designing a piece of custom jewelry, you can make decisions on the type of metal you want to use, any gemstones you want to add, the size of the piece, and its overall design. This makes it easy to bring your vision to life, thereby creating something you know your friend or family member will love!

Help Your Loved One Spruce Up Their House with a Set of Scented Candles

Scented candles make stunning decorations while adding a pleasing aroma to different rooms in your house

lavender candles

Not only do scented candles make pleasing additions to one’s room, but they also offer numerous health benefits! Lavender candles, in particular, are known to relieve stress and help you unwind after a long day. Lemon candles are also known to help relieve anxiety and depression. Even the act of lighting a candle itself is known to calm people and help them focus. With the pandemic, we could all use some extra help staying relaxed.

Candles typically come in their own holders. However, you can also purchase special wooden or glass holders to help the candle match with the rest of your friend’s interior room. You can even personalize your own holder with a special message or design just for your friend. 

The Candle Lab in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Soy Candle, and Pittsburgh Candleworks offer fun and innovative candles that make wonderful gifts. 

A Journal is Perfect for Helping Your Friend Organize Their Life

Journals are wonderful tools for staying organized and practicing mindfulness

person writing in a journal

The past year has been extremely stressful. With the pandemic still ongoing and the start of flu season coming up, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the madness. If you have a friend or family member in need of a new method for gathering their thoughts and feelings, they will love a special journal. 

Journaling offers numerous health and organizational benefits, such as:

  • Helping you stay on top of day-to-day tasks
  • Boosting your mood and energy
  • Reducing anxiety and stress before an important event
  • Improving your memory

You can find a number of different journals on the market. Stores like Inkwell Stationers and Love, Pittsburgh offer fun and creative options your friends and family members will love. 

Your friend might prefer a blank journal where they have free reign over what they write or doodle. They might also benefit from a journal featuring writing prompts or calendars. It’s up to their unique tastes and preferences. 

Keep Your Loved Ones Warm with a Cozy Blanket

Winters can get pretty chilly in Pittsburgh, help your friends stay warm with a blanket!

ginger cat in a blanket

What better gift to give someone who lives in an area with one of the harshest winters than a blanket? Blankets come in a variety of styles, from electric blankets to weighted blankets to plain coverlets. They also come in different materials, including wool, acrylic, and cotton. Thanks to their versatility, finding a blanket that suits your friend’s unique tastes and needs is easy. Maybe your friend wants something plain and simple, like a black weighted blanket. Or they are huge Steelers fans who want a custom blanket showing off their pride for the black and yellow. Either way, blankets are a fun and practical gift that your loved ones are sure to appreciate and use on cold winter nights. 

Need help finding a place? Feathers, Altmeyer’s, and the Mattress Direct offer plush blankets perfect for keeping your loved ones warm and comfortable. 

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones can be both fun and stressful. Because you are so close to them, you want to find the perfect gift that shows how much they mean to you. When it comes to finding the right gift, Pittsburgh jewelry designer Lisa Kotchey offers all of the advice you need.

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