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4 Common Misconceptions When Buying Diamond Jewelry

Looking at Engagement Rings? Pittsburgh Jewelry Experts Share Diamond Shopping Insight

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
March 5, 2021

Buying a diamond ring for the first time can seem intimidating due to many common misconceptions. Many people think that jewelry buying requires breaking the bank to get a beautiful diamond. However, these misconceptions keep people from enjoying the jewelry buying process. As experts in custom jewelry and engagement rings in Pittsburgh, we’ve created this blog to help bash misconceptions and make the jewelry buying experience enjoyable. Check out these common jewelry-buying myths now!

Myth 1: Custom Jewelry is Expensive

Discover High-Quality Affordable Engagement Rings in Pittsburgh

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When people hear the phrase ‘custom diamonds,’ they immediately assume they will be spending a large amount of money. However, custom jewelry doesn’t have to be costly at all. Many times, customizing a piece can actually save you money. 

Custom jewelers often can cut out the middleman in the jewelry creation process,  allowing you to craft a piece that fits your specifications. When working with a custom jeweler, you’re also able to form a personal connection and articulate your budget. Not only will you walk away with a piece that fits your precise needs, but you won’t pay markup prices like you will at large retailers. Best of all—you get to support local business. 

Myth 2: Engagement Rings in Pittsburgh Should Cost 3 Months Salary

Pittsburgh Engagement Ring Experts Recommend Choosing a Budget that Works for You

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The common misconception that an engagement ring should cost you three months’ salary is outdated and unrealistic for many people. We believe that jewelry should be affordable and attainable for everyone, so it’s crucial to find a pricepoint that works for you and your partner. Instead of worrying about what your peers will think, consider what makes the most sense financially for you. Whether your ring is simple and minimalistic or intricate and showy, what matters most is not the price, but a perfect customized design.

Myth 3: Carat Weight is the Most Important Factor in Diamond Buying

Understand All the Aspects That Make a Diamond Beautiful

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It's common to think only about the carat weight when looking at diamond rings. However, the most critical factors you should consider are the Four C's: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

  • Color: this refers to the hue, saturation, and tone of the diamond
  • Clarity: this determines how much the diamond will shine. Low clarity diamonds shine less due to imperfections or bits of other minerals in the jewel.
  • Cut: this shows the craftsmanship that goes into the shape, symmetry, and radiance of your diamond.
  • Carat: this determines the size of the diamond in terms of weight.

While these quality factors need consideration, it's also important to understand that no diamond is bad. What matters is that you choose something visually appealing to you that doesn't break the bank.

Myth 4: The Ring and Proposal Must be a Surprise

Break Tradition and Include Your Spouse in the Process

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Sometimes, spicing things up and breaking tradition can be both fun and helpful when it comes to the proposal process. If you're unsure of your partner's tastes, involving them in the buying process can relieve your anxiety and keep them in the loop. However, you should ask your partner for permission to include them in the process first, because they may like the surprise aspect of a proposal. Communication is key, but breaking the mold can be incredibly rewarding and bring you even closer!

Debunking these misconceptions is incredibly important because no matter your budget or preferences, quality diamond jewelry should be transparent. With a variety of prices, qualities, and looks, there's a perfect diamond ring for everyone. Looking for engagement rings in Pittsburgh but aren't sure where to start? Contact Lisa Marie Kotchey today for a free quote on a custom wedding ring for your soon-to-be life partner.