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2022 Jewelry Trends to Look Out for This Year

Find out which trends are coming in and out of style this year from one of the top jewelers in Pittsburgh, Lisa Marie Kotchey

Lisa Marie Kotchey Jewelry
January 18, 2022

Every year, culture, fashion — and, of course, jewelry — see new trends come into popularity and other ones leave. If you’re curious about the jewelry trends we’re keeping an eye on for 2022, then keep reading. 

We’re going to be discussing a few of the ways you add and pair your existing jewelry, as well as new pieces that you can find at your local jeweler in Pittsburgh. So, if you are looking for some key auditions to your jewelry wardrobe, or are just looking for some 2022 inspiration, you are in the right place. Let’s get started!

Stacking Earrings and Ear Cuffs

In 2022, it’s all about earrings and ear cuffs according to top jewelers in Pittsburgh

stacked earrings
Add extra interest with ear cuffs. Image courtesy of Missoma.

This year when it comes to earrings it’s clear that more is more. In 2022, the trend is all about stacking earrings. Stacking earrings refers to combining different types of earrings and ear cuffs to achieve an eccentric and bohemian look. 

Jewelers in Pittsburgh recommend that you start with a hanging earring, like a hoop or a dangle earring, and then begin to layer up your earlobe and cartilage. As you stack earrings up your ear, you want to make sure the earrings get progressively smaller toward the top of your ear so your layering looks intentional. If you have a few ear piercings, then you are probably already more than ready for these trends. If you only have one earring in your lobe, you can use ear cuffs to get that stacked effect. 

Layering and Mixing Necklaces

Ask your jeweler in Pittsburgh which necklace combinations are most on trend this year

Layered necklaces
Don’t worry about matching necklaces perfectly.

Jumping off of the stacking earrings trend, 2022 is also the year to start mixing, matching, and layering necklaces. Sometimes these artful necklace combinations are referred to as “cascades.” This year, the trends focus less on differing necklace length and more on different types of necklaces. 

For example, if you have a statement necklace, you’ll want to pair it with a few more delicate pieces to create balance. If you don’t have a statement necklace, try pairing different shapes of gemstones together. According to the top jewelers in Pittsburgh, the different shapes will contrast in a unique way and will shake up your current jewelry wardrobe.

Yellow Gold Accessories

Choose a few yellow gold accessories to try on the next time you visit your jeweler in Pittsburgh

trying on yellow gold bracelet
Pair your older jewelry with a brand new yellow gold bracelet.

Though yellow gold is probably the most common metal historically found in jewelry, this year it’s getting a bit of new life. Yellow gold jewelry, especially bracelets, are all the rage this year. In 2022, it seems like trends are heading in a similar direction — meaning that stacking and layering is without a doubt “in.” So, this year is the year of stacking different gold bracelets. If you don’t have enough yellow gold bracelets to create the desired effect, feel free to layer in other types of gold, including rose gold and white gold. 

Natural Pearls and other Imperfectly Perfect Elements

Jewelers in Pittsburgh agree that natural pearls are destined to be huge sellers in the coming year

Natural gemstones and textures are in fashion for 2022.

In the past, pearls may have seemed stuffy or old fashioned in the jewelry industry. However, 2022 is about to change how we see pearls. This year, natural pearls and other imperfect stones are making a comeback. If you aren’t familiar with natural pearls, they are basically pearls before they are shaped into the iconic round, polished shape we normally imagine. This trend is not exclusively limited to pearls, there are lots of other natural elements that are making their way into the jewelry world, like seashells and natural fibers.

Hoop Earrings Are Back

Combine your hoop earrings with other accessories like ear cuffs to complete the look

Hoops never go out of style, but this year they're especially in.

A classic piece of any jewelry wardrobe, the hoop earring, is making a strong comeback in 2022. We already briefly discussed how you can use hoop earrings to achieve the stacked earring look. But, this year, the trend pushes beyond stacking and into statement hoops. That’s right, this year is all about pavé stoned hoops, gold hoops, and really all other kinds of hoops you can imagine. So, if you’ve never tried wearing hoop earrings before, this is the year to try!

Finding the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe can be difficult. Thankfully, you can browse lots of options at a local jeweler in Pittsburgh like Lisa Marie Kotchey Design. If you’re searching for on trend earrings or necklaces this year, Lisa Marie Kotchey will assist you in finding the perfect piece. Contact us today to get started finding or designing the perfect piece of jewelry.